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  1. For those that have their Broncos, what's your biggest complaint?

    My complaint: Having to work is really limiting my driving time. But seriously: The useless physical speedometer and the not so great digital tach (for a manual).
  2. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Installed Sasquatch fender flares to go with the SAS wheels/tires.
  3. Bronco Off-Rodeo Free?

    They don't reimburse. It's actually another company (Adventure ORX) that does the event and Ford pays them for Bronco owners. When registering you have to provide info to verify your order, or that you already own a Bronco. Since I bought a mannequin and signed up for the Off Roadeo so quickly...
  4. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Either this or a lift will be my next mod... Being able to throw back that portion is really appealing compared to taking the tops off and having to store them. They don't fit in the back of mine any more because of the woofer enclosure :( Hows the road noise?
  5. Not sure if right place, but some minor factory issues/dealership issues

    I have never, ever had a sales guy / accessories guy / dealer have any clue how to operate a vehicle I was buying from them. It's hilarious how their job is to sell these things they know nothing about, except maybe that they have tires. The 'most' knowledgeable I've seen is one of them knowing...
  6. Rain Sensing Wipers They'll know more over there :D
  7. Off-Rodeo Failure: No Manual Broncos Available

    But the two doors can turn on a dime, especially with trail turn assist. 4 door can only turn on a nickle :D My guide in Austin loved the 2 doors for the manuverability. A couple of the guides were going fight to try to buy the one I was driving when they sell it later.
  8. Transporting Sas Takeoffs

    This was about a 2 door, but just for reference if people search in the future... I took my spare off then mounted all the new SAS wheels/tires and carried my 4 BL wheels/tires in the back. They just fit in the 2 door: I don't think I would have been able to carry the SAS wheels this way.. The...
  9. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Removed the Ford Performance WARN winch front license plate bracket and put on the DV8 one: Plate got a bit twisted though.. need to find a way to keep it flat. There's no mounting location for the upper right hole on the plate to hold it flat.

    ... I don't think I wanna preorder again.. I don't have the patience :D
  11. Ford Performance 2" Lift Kit By Bilstein is coming (not compatible with Sasquatch package)

    I'm wondering if 'not compatible with Sasquatch' includes badlands without sasquatch (or badlands with sas wheels/tires)... They don't mention the badlands: "It’s designed for use on two- and four-door Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Outer Banks trimmed Broncos but is not compatible with the...
  12. Hammer Built - Built to Hammer On: Modular Tailgate Reinforcement System

    Hmm... I gotta find somewhere to get foam for the keeping alignment part there...
  13. Snapped a Tie Rod … thankful for trail mates

    ... Is this serious? Are these ok?
  14. Off-Rodeo Failure: No Manual Broncos Available

    Yeah the off roadeo guide I was driving with I asked about tips for a manual off road since I haven’t done that. He described it like the clutch more becomes an on/off switch and there’s very little feathering.
  15. Off-Rodeo Failure: No Manual Broncos Available

    Keep in mind off roadeo, at least Texas, has a good range of terrain. From dirt trails to more serious crawling up rocks at 30 degrees. Many people can barely handle an auto on that terrain. Throw in a clutch where 3 tires are spinning and one is in the air, and damage is gonna happen. Not...
  16. Snapped a Tie Rod … thankful for trail mates

    $22 for a ranger tie rod, 70-100 for bronco, and $400 for brace. I think I’ll just get 10 ranger rods :p I don’t plan on a ton of more advanced crawling.. so hopefully a few spares will be plenty.
  17. Off-Rodeo Failure: No Manual Broncos Available

    I'm not sure how long they keep them, but they do change them out. They started with several pre-production units and at the end of may they were all production units. The staff said they sold older ones (not the pre-production, those went back to ford) and that sometimes the staff get a chance...
  18. Hammer Built - Built to Hammer On: Modular Tailgate Reinforcement System

    Just placed my order. And messed it up :) Sent an email to the [email protected] address under contact us about it.
  19. Tire Cover for 35" Spares

    Ow. Thank you!