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  1. Blue leather seats - Raptor

    My wife like the blue leather seats, I was leaning towards MGV. Anyone seen these seats in the 150 Raptor or anywhere else? What are your thoughts on it?
  2. Raptor order bank

    With the order banks opening up on the 8th and only open for a short time, do you think Ford will be sending out an email with any more info? I know we all know about it on the forum, but if I wasn’t on the forum how would I have known it was opening up?
  3. Question about carbon fiber package

    Description says steering wheel, grab handles and shift knob, not much for $1700. If you zoom in on some of the pics it looks like the center console around the cup holders is also carbon fiber. Anyone have guesses if it is or not?
  4. Raptor options

    With the Raptor “starting” at $69,995, anyone have any guesses how well equipped they come at that price point? Is it going to be another $10-15k to get all the goodies? What are some possible options beside floormats and storage bags?
  5. Any ManSquash build dates yet?

    Anyone with a ManSquash get a build date yet? Is this going to be another deadly sin?
  6. Front plate mounting on bottom of bumper and bending at angle?

    On my 2 JKs I mounted the front plate on the bottom of the bumper and wrapped it over the angled part towards the skid. Seems to work well and look decent. I haven’t got a good look at the Bronco bumper/skid to see if I can do the same, anyone with their Bronco have any thoughts on this?
  7. Any manual transmission Broncos delivered yet?

    Haven’t noticed if any manual trans Broncos have been delivered yet. Just curious.
  8. Low range ratio of transfer case?

    I haven’t seen it mentioned, or maybe I missed it, but what is the low range ratio of the transfer case? Is it the same for both cases?