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  1. Pennsylvania 5x BD Steelies and/or Grabbers

    $950, for the Black Diamond steelie rims 6x5.5 +55 and the Grabbers tires. $650 for the General Grabber tires, A/TX 265/70R17 1K miles on the setup.
  2. Can anyone identify this wheel/manufacture?

    thanks in advance!
  3. Delivery -- What did you get with your Bronco?

    Interested in what everyone received. I've heard varying things from just what is expected to some dealers or ford added items. For everyone waiting hope you get it and maybe this helps as a reference. Also use the delivery checklist. Expected things: Top bags, toolkit, 20K fp points...
  4. Depressing timeline

    Next week I hit 600 days. 2D BD MIC are the only constraints and dropped tow this month. Not in a rush but man, starting to feel like it's vaporware even though I know it isn't. It's just a vehicle, and I get there are more important things in life and going on in the world. But the timeline...
  5. Pennsylvania Swap Vent/Handles from BD (Blue) <> Base/BB (Black or Grey)

    Title says it all. Looking to swap vents and grabs to black or grey. PA, not scheduled but should be early 22. There are some vent swap videos, pretty straightforward. Grabs are a hex, even easier. Msg if interested.
  6. Future Ordering Options and Communication Wishlist

    Any thoughts on the next phase? Considering the current state and track record for Ford I am trying to have a grounded, realistic perception of this. Realistically I just want to understand the general path and options so I can make an informed decision on my build. I know they may not have...
  7. Dates, Delays, and Order info

    Thought we could use a sticky or info for people with some details. Dates 3/19 Was the date to convert an order for a 21. Priority code 99 is a hold; anything else is schedule. 4/8 was the deadline to select roof. MOD/Dual roof will push order to 22. May Ford will start issuing VINs and...
  8. PA Event thoughts and a few pictures

    Had a 4D CG FE and a 51 BL. Quite a few people so limited photos but here are some thoughts. Things I liked Colors are great. I'm sticking with CG but it looks way better in shade. In light it's just ok. They're big! No non-SAS but even at that I think they sit nice. I mean there were some...
  9. MGV, Heated Seats and Washout

    Does anyone know (or heard) how heated seats work regarding washout? Is it a closed system that can get wet? For example if you order a BD Mid with Heated seats, MGV, and plugs can the seats still get wet if they are heated?