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  1. 2022 Bronco Raptor Reviews Are HERE!! (Full List) 🦖

    The road and track article :cry::cry:🤣🤣
  2. First tow with the 2.3 manual

    Dumb question: Does the automatic have a “tow/haul” button? The manual doesn’t, but I’m guessing that’s because I already choose my own shift points. This was my first time towing with a manual.
  3. First tow with the 2.3 manual

    No exactly sure, 2000 lbs?
  4. First tow with the 2.3 manual

    Factory tow. Worked with no issues.
  5. First tow with the 2.3 manual

    First tow went smooth. Definitely could feel all the weight back there. Truck seemed to stop ok without brakes.
  6. DustyBronco

    Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    Just gave the bronco it’s first wash. Thanks again @NayNay for the smooth transaction and support.
  7. DustyBronco

    Maryland Bronco Club

    Quick trip with the kiddos. Everyone loves it!
  8. ARB Giveaway! ARB edition TRED Pro recovery boards (CLOSED)

    in, happy Monday everyone!
  9. Side Shot Saturday...

  10. .

    As an abused first twelve hour res holder who just took delivery this week, nearly two years after reserving. Hang in there…or don’t, you can always get something else now and buy a bronco later. super happy with mine so far
  11. Hello From Kuwait! New Bronco :)

    Welcome to the forum! Nice truck!
  12. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    Just got my assembly line photo
  13. DustyBronco

    Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    @Greg Helmick haha, yes. That’s all leftover from our wedding party last fall.
  14. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    5.4 because they ran it to the gas station to fill it up
  15. DustyBronco

    Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    Thanks @NayNay for a super easy transaction! Took deliver this evening and raced 100+ miles back home.
  16. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    Truck hit the dealer on Friday. Took delivery tonight. Super happy, can’t wait to play around with all the features and get it set up for me.
  17. Those living with the 2.3…

    Haha headed to take delivery of my badlands right now, so no sport mode. :(
  18. Those living with the 2.3…

    Question for those that have been able to get some miles on the 2.3 and run a few tanks of gas through. now that the novelty is wearing off, and the national average price of gas hit another all time high today, are you still buying premium gas? Can you tell there is a horsepower bump? (I...
  19. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    Mines been at the dealer since Friday 😢😢😢probably gonna be Tuesday fire I can go get it.
  20. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    It must be 2dr green build week