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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

    It's been a long time coming with this new Bronco. A roller coaster ride of excitement & drama. Meeting you all (even if just virtually) has been a great experience given the events of the year. Everyone on this forum is like one big family. We've been through much together, and this group has...
  2. Hard-top Sound Deadening

    Thoughts on sound deadening for the hard-top? Anybody have/ridden in a Jeep with it? Without? Asking b/c I rode in a hard-top 4dr Wrangler... it had a plastic-y echo on the inside... felt like being in a small hallway or something. Is it worth putting the sound deadening inside? Sometimes I...
  3. Poll: Standard Tops

    Title. Anybody excited about MIC grey (aka unpainted plastic?) How about the soft-top for the 4dr? Did the engineers even plan for this car needing a roof? Or did they panic? and Decide... "any top, any top will do!" Standard choices look like oversight to me
  4. Does the 2.7L Ecoboost require premium gas?

    Title. Since this motor is turbo'd, should I be running this ? on premium fuel?
  5. Non-Sasquatch Photos?

    Title. Are there photos of a 2door non-sasquatched (any trim)? Like I get it, Ford wants the extra coin... but c'mon. If this car looks like trash without the 'squatch, then all of us gotta go down a trim level to stay on-budget? Anybody? Anything? FYI I got 2dr BD reserved, just need to be...