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  1. Mysterious “Invitation” to Order a Bronco?

    I wouldn't dismiss those emails. You may get the opportunity to order a Raptor.
  2. Mysterious noises from Bronco when not running

    Mine does the same thing. So does my GT 500. I'm waiting for Optimus Prime to show up.
  3. Bill Stroppe BAJA BRONCO Tribute Build

    incredible job!
  4. NJ dealership recommendations

    I bought mine at Verner Cadby in Fairfield. No ADM. Maplecrest Ford in Mendham is also good to work with. They are both smaller dealerships though so volume isn't as good as Wayne or Chapman.
  5. [UPDATED W/MORE PICS] 5 Bronco Raptors Spotted in Lightning / Velocity Blue, Black, Eruption Green, Code Orange

    I have my name in with two dealers who both assured me there will be a mark up. I’m with you though, I’m not seeing enough to make me trade in my First Edition for it.
  6. Hood dent on my new Bronco

    The hood is incredibly thin and dents very easy. I had some acorns do a number on mine. I had a paintless dent remover take care of it.
  7. Crossroads Ford Dunn-Benson, North Carolina

    I bought my GT 500 at Crossroads Ford of Indian Trail. Great group there as well.
  8. Are you getting hood struts? Which ones?

    I just installed the Rough Country struts today. They are no drill and went in fairly easy. The images in the Instructions sucked though and the nuts for the strut nubs were missing.
  9. Badlands & Orange Trim

    Do you have any links to that? I have a Cyber Orange FE and wish there was an option for Orange trim.
  10. Off Rodeo opening up to former attendees.

    Here is an update: We are ecstatic to hear you are interested in attending again, and we would love to see you at the other locations! We are currently working on opening the event with the full tuition price! Once we open reservations for that we will send out a communication and you will be...
  11. Looks like even Joey Logano had to wait for his Bronco...

    I am 2785 if that is true. I thought I was quicker on the buzzer than that.
  12. Looks like even Joey Logano had to wait for his Bronco...

    How did he get build #22 if he only recently got it?
  13. Off Rodeo opening up to former attendees.

    Bummer. I hadn't seen it before.
  14. Off Rodeo opening up to former attendees.

    They keep sending me email to register even though I already attended so I thought for shits and giggles I would try. This is the response I got.
  15. Off Rodeo opening up to former attendees.

    It looks like there will be some announcement soon on this. I'd hate to have to buy 3 more Broncos. Looking forward to hitting each one.
  16. Ford Performance Wildtrak Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    They do but none of that stuff is listed.