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  1. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    Finally got to bring it home! Officially feels real being parked in my garage. Still can't believe it finally happened 🤣😅
  2. Oklahoma dealers at or below msrp

    Riverside Ford of Tulsa said they are honoring MSRP for reservation holders.
  3. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    Received my shipped email! Same delivery window as above but good to know the process is not being held up.
  4. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    Just got my built email! Delivery between September 25 and October 1, delivery by Rail, coming to Tulsa Ok
  5. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    8/30 build week, 09/02 blend date (459/820), BCE Modules popped up sometime over night, no built email yet
  6. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    09/02/2021 blend date, 4262 Rotation number, 459/820
  7. Reservation disappeared on

    When doing this, is anyone else's missing $$$ from your options? The MSRP showing is lower than my order, and coincidentally (hopefully) is the exact difference in my sasquatch package.. which is kind of scary.
  8. Bronco 2.3L vs. Wrangler 3.6 V6 vs. Wrangler 2.0L drag race

    Lol very true, I would like to see it all just for fun! Even the 392 just to watch that thing and compare. Obviously no one is buying these to race but just more real world comparisons are always good.
  9. Bronco 2.3L vs. Wrangler 3.6 V6 vs. Wrangler 2.0L drag race

    Now they just need to throw in the 2.7 to get all comparisons!
  10. 📬 8/12 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Just got my email 2 minutes ago, I am scheduled to be built week of August 30! I am a day 1 res holder at around 10pm central time, order placed on January 24th. My build is a 4 door cactus grey, black diamond, soft top, SAS, 2.7, 10sp, tow, mid package.
  11. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    Good point, I was not at a complete stop. I was at a stop sign turning left so it was more of a 5mph rolling start when I got on it.
  12. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    I am wondering if the "Sport" GOAT mode really plays a role in the acceleration. I have seen reviews where the bronco is 10 seconds 0-60 but when I test drove a BD SAS 2.7, there's no way it is that slow. When I put it in "Sport" mode it made a tremendous difference IMO. I am coming from my 5...
  13. 7/13 Reservations without a build date?

    No email for me either.. 7/13 @10PM Central time reservation.
  14. Bronco Reservations Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Submitted! Going with a Cactus Grey 4 door Black Diamond on steelies.