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  1. Dreaded ECO GOAT mode??

    If I was worried about gas mileage, the Bronco isn't the vehicle I would have purchased.
  2. Should I buy?

    Dealer invoice! ;)
  3. FOR SALE - New, never driven 2022 Ford Bronco Badlands

    You can't even keep your story straight over a five minute time period. You're going to move then you already moved.
  4. FOR SALE - New, never driven 2022 Ford Bronco Badlands

    Man it's a shame that Bronco's can't move, or you could just take it with you. You want to sell it to someone here, but you just joined. But you want to sell it not for what you paid for it, but you want to make a substantial profit on it. I don't think your being honest about why your...
  5. Should I buy?

    Not me, you're the one going around making fun of four doors. It's as if your own self worth is tied to your 2 door and the need for it to appear superior. You do what you need to do. ;)
  6. Should I buy?

    Just under $58k for my Wildtrak, Lux, Leather and Hoss 3.0 It's best not to feed the trolls, next thing he'll be doing is calling your 4 door a "Flex".
  7. Should I buy?

    but not because no one wants's because the auto manufacturers can't build enough due to labor issues and supply chain issues.
  8. Even a noob can wire something - installed 5" inch KC lights
  9. Ford canvas Bimini vs mesh?

    Are you more worried about yourself or the interior of the Bronco?
  10. Putting a boat in, would you…

    It's not the exhaust you need to worry's the intake manifold...hence the scuba on the Everglades.
  11. 6/20/22 Build Week Group

    Dealer called me today and let me know that Ford notified them that my build date is scheduled for the week of 6/20/22 Reservation date: 8/3/2020 Order date: 2/9/21 Wildtrack 4 door 2.7 MIC top Lux package Leather Modular bumper Hoss 3.0
  12. 🔥 Best Bronco accessory ever -- Bronco Trailer!

    Looks gimmicky, but I'm sure that's what they were after.
  13. Rider Graphics rules. New hood strip set up gets me ready for Le Mans.

    You do you. As long as you're happy that's what matters most. Were you expecting everyone to love it?
  14. Rider Graphics rules. New hood strip set up gets me ready for Le Mans.

    Nope. Without the stripe going over the roof and down the back it looks out of place
  15. Pricing question

    The certificate only relates to MSRP, not dealer invoice, which is what the OP is asking about.
  16. Bronco's on 40's

    Those all look like shit. 🤮
  17. Don’t believe the hype

    At first I thought you were complaining that your Bronco already had 1,000 miles on it when you picked it up a week ago. **yawn** At least you got to pick it up.
  18. Bronco may get screen doors (patented)

    That's an option I'd pass on.