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  1. Outer Banks Retro-Inspired Vinyl Wrap

    I had my Bronco vinyl wrapped this week, and I choose this retro style that was inspired by a picture I saw here on B6G: The vinyl color is 3M gloss blue fire which is a foil finish. I think it looks great with iconic silver and the painted mirrors and fenders on the Outer Banks. The color...
  2. Heated Seats

    I realize that I'm a Floridian, but it got down in the 40s this week when I was driving to work in the morning. Those heated seats are pretty sweet. I am looking forward to using them when it's in the 20s in January. It will be 80 later in the day, but that 20-something is harsh in the morning...
  3. Soft Top Issue - Waterfall During Rain

    I have not posted about this because I was trying to resolve the issue. "My dealer said" that since his other Bronco has this issue, it is just the way they are designed. I hope not. My soft top will literally drench me with water any time I get in or out when it's raining. A good amount of...
  4. Jacksonville Vendor Question

    Does anyone have experience with AVW Offroad & Performance - Jacksonville? They are offering me a 1" lift for cost. I don't live in Jax, so I thought I would ask here. :)
  5. Modified Outer Banks Available

    I’m driving through Crystal River (FL), and the Ford dealer here is selling an Outer Banks 2.7L, soft top, carbonized gray, 4D, 3” lift, black Fuel wheels, 37” Toyos, safe accessory in the back. $90k. Come and get it! Sorry, I didn’t get a picture, but it did look nice.
  6. Outer Banks Iconic Silver Non-Sas 4 Door 2.7

    Update on 1/21/22 after retro vinyl wrap! The inspiration for this is from a picture I saw on B6G months ago. It is pretty amazing! First picture is stock Outer Banks and the second picture is after a 1" lift and new tires (see details on tires below). The lift was not required for the...
  7. Original Bronco Camper

    My husband found this Bronco on craigslist, complete with an available Bronco camper. Original overlander? What's the GVWR on that thing? Here is a link to the same vehicle (I think)
  8. Roof Racks with Wildtrak

    I noticed that the Wildtrak doesn't have the option to add the roof racks and kayak rack like the OBX does. Does this mean it's not available for the Wildtrak? I'm really confused about this. If I add Sasquatch to the OBX, those racks are also not available. Can these be installed by the...