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  1. quick run through Bulldog Canyon

    Got invited to do a little wheeling with @Schmohawk and a buddy of his today. A good time was had by all, with only a few pucker moments. Even had a Rivian sighting, and ran into some other broncos as well
  2. Teralume Industries T6 Light Bar installed

    I did a fair bit of shopping around before I finally settled on this one, as it seems those crazy Aussies have to contend with a lot of the same problems that we do here in Arizona. Specifically, heat, UV, and epic amounts of dust. So it arrived, packaged well and in pretty good shape...
  3. Arizona WTB: rear tow hook for right side.

    If anyone happens to be swapping bumper for something else, and has a spare, I'd love to have a little symmetry to the ol caboose.
  4. Sunrise in Arizona

    Was just a nice drive to work today: Everyone is welcome to turn this thread into Instagram, btw. Who doesn't love photography, right?
  5. Toyota anti-ev? An interesting article I ran across regarding Toyota's lack of innovation, specifically on the EV front. I know a huge complaint people have (myself included) regarding Toyotas isn't their reliability, but...
  6. Bronco for sale...

    and you thought the 6G's going for $90k on eBay was bad... Current bid is $162k
  7. The Steak Poll

    This needs settled, as it's come to my attention that some among us prefer their meat cooked under the fires of a Targaryen Dragon.
  8. Some Hilux action

    Just in case anyone was wondering, apparently we're all buying the wrong vehicle:
  9. Arizona Non-Bronco for sale - 2015 BMW 335i MSport 6MT

    just in case anyone is *not* looking for a bronco to buy, here's the one I'm selling *to* buy my bronco. Sharing here for visibility:
  10. Bronco shirt

    for any that follow this kind of thing, has a classic bronco tee on sale for the next day or so. It's clever, and it's not like Ford is throwing us any bones lately.
  11. More info on the chip shortage

    Ran across this in my morning coffee surfing, gives some good insight on the semiconductor shortage, but from the non-car side of the world: And to save the mods some time, no politics, just for discussion and...
  12. The Beer thread.

    Because @TJconvert2.7 suggested it, and we all really need something better to argue about than gas vs electric, here's the beer poll thread. Leaving the brands out so people can just suggest their own, and then we can all get drunk in our own garages.
  13. Anticipated possible common issues / problems?

    Given that *every* vehicle has things about it that no manufacturer can seem to get right, what do people with a bit more Ford experience anticipate being possible common problems with our incoming trucks? to be clear, this isn't meant to be a 'bash-every-manufacturer' thread, just curious what...
  14. More chip shortage woes

    looks like it's hitting GM in new and fun ways:
  15. Center console dimensions

    A while back there was a nice thread that had dimensions of literally everything involved in the rear end of the 2dr. has anyone seen anything like that for the dimensions of the center console? I have some ideas of things I might want to do with that space, but I'm curious about the sizes and...
  16. Fender badge - yay/nay?

    Happened to get an unrelated call from the dealer today, and it occurred to me to ask if there was a way to specify in the build itself to not have that goofy fender badging installed at the factory, since I'd prefer it not be there. Alas, there is not, and I will either have to do it myself...