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  1. Soft top sound reduction

    I modified my soft top to reduce the wind and road noise using a few ideas posted here. I bought 2 harbor freight moving blankets and laid them on top of my Gearshade Bimini top. I doubled over the edges by the doors. I took some 1/2” pipe foam and put it around the 3 windows in the rear. I...
  2. I had to get a new top…….. new Bimini top installed today

    And it’s wonderful. Got my new Bimini top installed today so we can ride around topless all summer without applying sunscreen every 15 minutes. Thanks to @GearShade for the custom graphics and great customer service. HBTFD
  3. Custom Center Console Plates - Pre order now

    HBTFD customs is offering custom console plates for your Bronco. The plates can have ANYTHING (that's legal) printed on them. Any image can be printed on the console plate, family, pets, Broncos, sports teams, outdoor scenes, VIN numbers, build dates, GPS locations, vehicle wrap patterns...
  4. Engineers just make me SMH ……..

    Changed the oil in my 2.3 today right after changing my F350 6.7 oil. The 2.3 engine holds 6.2 quarts. That extra .2 must keep the rods from slinging thru the side of the block. Rant over. The group that designed the sheet metal and exterior killed it.
  5. Soft top production date

    When I installed my rear windows on my side to today I saw a production label dated 5/2021 sewn on to the top. My bronco was built 11/17/2021. That’s some poor FIFO or the production plan was really really F&$%ed up. I know the hard top fiasco limited production but the soft tops kept rolling.
  6. 2.3 Towing -- pulled a a 975 lb single axle trailer with a Polaris crew mid (1300 lbs)

    I pulled a 975 lb single axle trailer with a Polaris crew mid (1300 lbs) with windshields today 70 miles round trip. No brakes with 4 adults in the bronco. The roads were back country with 8 stop signs along the way. I have a 4 dr 2.3 auto Sasquatch, got 14.9 mpg going 50-60 mph. I could...
  7. Need to look at a standard bumper near Newnan,GA

    Anyone have a Bronco with a standard bumper near Newnan, GA that I could look at for 3 minutes? I’ll also be in Albany later this week if someone has one there or Columbus.
  8. Capable bumper license plate bracket - NO DRILLING required

    If you would like to relocate your front license plate and have a capable bumper I have an alternative thanks to forum member Shotsy. This bracket attaches using the torx plus 30 bit in the bronco tool kit (it’s in the glove box labeled IP30). Instructions will be included with the bracket as...
  9. More Bronco fishing adventures

    First time pulling the 15’ Jon boat today. My mpg dropped to 16.2 vs 18.5. 1/2 hwy, 1/2 backroads going 50-60mph. I’m guessing the towing weight is 1000-1200 lbs. Got to the lake at 1. Crappie bite was good for a couple of hours then the lockjaw switch flipped at 4 pm.
  10. What they are made for

    My youngest and I pulled the top back and threw the rods in this afternoon. 72F, sunny and the bass cooperated. Ended up catching 6 each. Broncos make the outdoors even better.

    This is a bolt on aluminum bracket for the MOD bumper using 3 existing bolts. The bracket can be mounted with the outside 2 bolts for quick removal. The plastic bumper will require drilling and additional fasteners. Meets all state’s regulations requiring the plate be 14” from the ground. The...
  12. Curt trailer wire = POS

    I know there are other threads on the Curt trailer wire 56468 but I want to vent. I have a Black Diamond without the LED lights. The harness does not work without swapping wires to the connectors and cutting a wire as budgetbronco has documented. It’s BS Curt advertises the harness works for...
  13. Passenger visor popping / rattle

    Anyone have a visor rattling? Mine is rattling on the passenger side and is intermittent. If I loosen the visor to rotate it the noise stops. I’m guessing the fasteners are loose or the plastic inserts are misaligned but I haven’t looked at it closely.
  14. I switched and Ford honored the 200,000 points

    I originally ordered a 2 dr painted hard top, swapped to a 4 dr soft top. Took delivery on 12/16 and received 42,000 pts around Christmas. Called the FordPass number and they told me to ask my dealer to correct it by selecting the option under my name in their sales system. One call to the...
  15. Anyone gotten a Capable Bumper Bronco Yet?

  16. Thoughts after one week of owning a Bronco

    After one week of owning a 4 dr soft top, 2.3, Sasquatch with no other upgrades here is what I learned that I did not read on this forum- 1) The rear windows cancel zero sound. The road noise from the back is loud, especially on the highway. 75 mph = 77 decibels on my phone app. 2) After...
  17. Sasquatch mud flaps 2/14 update

    I finally got my bronco last night. I live on a 2000 ft gravel driveway so mudflaps are a must. I got these at advance auto parts for 12.99. I shot 2 screws thru the raised part of the fender well to attach them. I wedged the bottom onto a contour of the wheel well to hold it in place. I...
  18. 4dr BB soft top 2.3 vs BL 2 door 2.7 impressions

    I was lucky enough to drive a 4 door soft top big bend 2.3 mid auto and a 2 door badlands non SAS lux 2.7. Both demos. Takeaways- 1) 2 door sound level is not much different than the soft top. The soft top down, windows up is quiet enough at 70 to use Bluetooth. The tires on the BL...
  19. WTF is a regional constraint?

    Please someone has to know……
  20. Production date moved up???

    Got an email from Ford at 9:40 pm Est my bronco is now scheduled a week sooner (11/22 to 11/15). Tracker shows only an order, no scheduled date. I’m glad, the week of thanksgiving is a high vacation week coupled with shipping slows down. Anybody else get moved up?