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  1. Be wary of Extended Warranties

    Just for all of you that may not know, be wary of extended warranties. Read fine print. Most of them could the warrenty for any commercial or offroad use, that includes tire hazard. Talk to you creditor about those products because some will allow those uses with varing restrictions. My credit...
  2. My personal opinion

    I have had my badlands since August. I am overall pleased with it's performance, but here is my opinion Need to allow features such as auto off to default to off. Need more interior lighting, it's totally inadequate. You shouldn't drive at hiway speeds with top down only partially down, very...
  3. Ford Pass rewards

    I don't know if anyone else had this issue,but here goes. I got a badlands from a dealer who had ordered three of them on August 31 2021. I paid a 10k markup as my choice so I didn't have to wait for a build, my choice to do so. But what I found out just recently is , when I didn't get any...
  4. 8 in display gets hot, locks up

    When off-road for an hour or so , let's display on Android auto all trails app map. The screen got hot to the touch and locked up. Stayed on nav screen and would go to phone via steering wheel button. But touch screen would not work until I turned of the bronco and phone
  5. What do you do if key fob damaged

    Hi , just took my badlands out to swamp, worked very well in mud/ruts/waterholes. By myself and no winch so turned around at a particularly bad spot. My question is? How do you start your bronco if your key fob gets damaged and vehicle says no key detected and your stuck in a bad spot? Just...
  6. Vin discription didn't match vehicle equipment

    My badlands vin says I should have a universal garage remote integrated in visor. It's not there. What else am I missing?
  7. Badlands modular bumper torx bolt size?

    T40 are loose T45 are to big. Are these a special size? I don't know of any thing in-between.