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  1. Availability / Timing of Painted Roof (be it black, white or matching)?

    What is the word on the street for availability of a painted roof? Is the only way to get that (as a first day reservation holder) is to cancel and come back in 2022 or 2023?
  2. Seat Adjustment Settings and Material For 2 Door Bronco?

    So, for the 2 door variant, I understand those only come with manual seat adjustments. I've not had a vehicle like that (always electrically adjusted). What are the adjustment directions for the 2 Door? Forward / Back slide Seat back forward and back. What else? Can you raise and lower both...
  3. Badlands - Seats (manual vs electrically adjusted)

    So, I read a lengthy post elsewhere and a fellow was saying the trims with the rubber floor wouldn't be able to be optioned with electrically adjustable seats -- just the full manual version (which I think likely suck). I hadn't considered that but it sounds plausible. The issue (for me) is...
  4. Rear Window and Door

    Probably a dumb question, but does the back window open if the door is shut, or does the door have to be opened first to raise the window? From pics, it looks like the window wouldn't be able to clear the tire on the back door in order to raise up.
  5. Delivery - Get Ready to Wait

    Title to this article should be get ready to wait "24" months. Ouch.