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  1. New Bronco Owner

    Just realized you live in Canada, in the US we technically cannot sign/sell a vehicle until it hits our dealer lot. Just weird to sign for something you haven't seen yet 😬 Congrats though!!! ATs are the way to go on Bronco, it rides so much better and most MTs(including the factories) fling...
  2. New Bronco Owner

    Congrats! When you say you signed all the paperwork, but don't end with - brought the car home today... did you take the car home today or is it on the way from the factory? Definitely lift it and 35's, replace or wrap grille/mirrors/door handles and letters to gloss black. I have two...
  3. What are the chances of someone backing out of a custom order that arrives at a dealer lot?

    It happens more frequently than you think, but there are over 3000 Ford dealers in the US. I'd keep looking, but just know with you being a possible out-of-state buyer, some dealers will mark you up and some wont. Good luck on the search, don't drive yourself crazy over a vehicle though! :)
  4. First dirt…. Lol

    Nice, I still wish Ford kept that black gloss lettering on all of the series
  5. Manual Shift 2.3 Turbo- DOA after 300 miles

    Not good, I'm sorry there! Hopefully you get good news soon
  6. 🛠 4/4/22 build week group [now with Google doc]

    I have not heard anything internally for this, or rumors surrounding this. I'm sorry I don't have more regarding how Ford plans on clearing the holding lots. I can reach out to a few people, and see if they know anything. I'll update this post with any news EDIT(5/26/2022) ---None of my...
  7. How much should I sell my hard top, roof panels, and roof bars for?

    Truthfully, you could probably get up to $5,000 for it - I believe it is almost $7,000 brand new if you order through Ford Parts. If you aren't trying to rip someone's head off: $2,500-$3,000 is fair But, something to take note is, 2-door Broncos only come with a hardtop. Meaning, you need to...
  8. Hard top question... put front panels on without the main rear?

    While you could latch in the front, you cannot latch the back - very unsafe.
  9. $1000 for delayed/parked/chip hold vehicles?

    Negative, there is $1,000 order cash that does not qualify towards the Bronco
  10. Ford Motor Company profile, is it a scam?

    It is not a scam, they actually will have someone reach out to the dealership your vehicle is being serviced at or was serviced at
  11. MY23 - Will all orders be completed?

    If Ford does not take any orders for MY2023, yes they will fulfill all roll-overs. Now, if they take orders, but don't start production until Roll-overs are completed - they will fulfill. I'm sorry to bring everyone back to Earth though, the production line does not stop, unless it must stop...
  12. I feel gypped by Ford on my cup holders (manual vs auto)

    3M makes rubber inserts or even rubber stoppers for furniture. If you did a black style, it wouldn't look tacky Worth a try?
  13. Do dealers compensate for turning over Bronco after it is delivered?

    If you're friends with the salesperson, and they have a voice inside the dealership - it is a potential. I've thrown something towards a couple customers(they bought a different vehicle from me, versus their Bronco, because it was taking so long.) If you bought it, you wouldn't flip it same day...
  14. Does financing give me any leverage?

    If you find a dealership that will give you leverage, please tell me who that'd be 😂 In all seriousness, dealerships wont throw in a warranty, some will do $500 over. A few dealers are giving $50 over ESPs for their reservations. In a 2019 Market, you may just have a chance - but not in this...
  15. Best aftermarket soft top?

    I've seen two installs on the Bestop, both times it looked very fragile taking apart and the install was a headache for our tech. Granted, the clips for the rear window on the factory roof are fragile as well. The biggest complaint from both customers was the functionality of folding it all the...
  16. Advance Safety Features

    Cross Traffic Alert: That has saved an accident countless times, from people flying down mall rows to find a parking spot, or people riding bikes that I couldn't see when backing out of my driveway. Lane Keeping System: The lane-keeping system is just an annoying ping-pong game that I don't...
  17. 35s with or with out lift.

    If you have the correct offset(probably +/- 0) you'll be able to get away without a lift/leveling kit. I recommend spending the $150? On the Rough Country and protecting any potential rubbing in the future
  18. Dealer has available allocation. Can I order?

    There is absolutely no guarantee a stock unit gets selected, and stock units are heavily constrained to certain options. I do not recommend trying this at all, especially because there is nothing tying you to this vehicle.
  19. High Vs Lux

    Hard to say, mainly because we don't know if the packaging will be the same when 2023 opens up At this time, this is what it adds What do I personally find useful from this? B&O Sound, Dashboard USB Ports, Wireless Charging and the Garage Door Opener. I don't really care for the heated...
  20. Drove in 4H by Mistake - Damage?

    Quick add-on, owners have reported a burning smell from doing 4wd at higher speeds with wheel spacers. This is because the increased friction from power going to the fronts... once again - will it hurt anything if you do it for a day of driving, no? Will it hurt if you do it everyday for a year...