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    I am getting tired of Ford skirting the issue and giving us half the story. I need to plan the next few months so when my Bronco arrives I will be ready. I can't do this with out a build date that is real and not B/S. Ya the tops a shit. Wabeasto is going to build a second plant, really. They...
  2. Designating all 2021 Bronco as 2022

    I've been thinking. That due to the very late and even possibility of more production postponements I will be loosing more than 9 months of depreciation. That could be 20% of value. So why not just call Broncos built 2022,s, saving us all ton of money in the resale market?
  3. 3.5 swap?

    My thought is will a3.5 Ecoboost bolt into a 2021 Bronco with the 10 speed Auto?? If so that's the the answer for more horse power. Anybody now the answer?
  4. Bronco Roll Bar Strength

    I have been watching the off road adventures of the new Bronco at Mo ab and the Rubicon. What concerns me is that all the units testing have extensive roll cages apparently reinforcing the factory roll bar. This is disconcerting to me as I assumed Ford would along with all the other upgrades...