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  1. Velocity Blue Badlands w/ Gloss Black Off Center Stripe & Blacked out Grill

    I went with @Underground Graphics Gloss Black off center stripe and blacked out Badlands grill with Badlands Orange accenting. Diggin how it turned out. I'm also posting DIY build journal on Instagram
  2. Wireless Android Auto Disconnecting

    Anyone else having issues with Wireless Android Auto disconnecting? Sometimes it will connect back on its own but other times it won't reconnect with out turning the truck off then back on. I thought I had read where it was an issue but I could not find the post.
  3. Redtail Overland "Rooftop Camper"

    For the price of a Base Bronco you could have their Mac Daddy build option. I like the concept of a heated rooftop tent plus solar power generation. Pretty cool, worth checking out. Looks like they are already sold out for 2022. $1,000 non-refundable deposit..ouch! $19,500-$31,500...
  4. Is Cyber Orange and Badlands Orange Accent the same color?

    Trying to decide on some mods and don't know with certainty that they are the same color?
  5. I hope the Grandsons like them...but I could always make room in the stable.

    While doing the weekly Costco run, I saw that they were selling a large Bronco RC Truck. I decided that my two, 4 almost 5 year old grandsons, should enjoy a Bronco along with their Pops. The biggest problem was that they looked like the Sunshine Day Camp Bronco and that just wouldn't do. I...
  6. Utah Sold: Selling Standard Badlands Wheels, Tires & Sensors

    33" Standard Tires & 17" Standard Badlands machined face wheels w/sensors. 11/22/21 Build Date so maybe a titch early. Will have 1100-1200 miles on them after drive home from dealer. Local pickup or reasonable halfway meetup only. I have new wheels and tires waiting so these will be sold...
  7. Moab Bronco Ride Along w/ an Unplanned Unstuck from a Fair Damsel

    I was lucky enough to get a reservation for the Moab Dixie 4x4 Bronco ride along on Friday afternoon. What made it even better, I got my Pops to agree to join me for the 1 day, 7 hr round trip adventure. He had previously known little about the Bronco but saw it as an opportunity some condensed...
  8. First (that I have seen) Pic of 4DR VB w/ MIC Top [ARB Bronco]

    From Post: EJS Moab 2021 Bronco build pictures: ARB, RTR, 4WP My A51 Badlands build color has some competition now! VB with MIC does not disappoint!
  9. Any posted VB w/ MIC Top Pics or Videos??

    I have searched and have been a frequent lurker here and can't recall or find any pics or vids of VB or for that matter LB, with a MIC top Did I miss them or none to be found to this point? I Ordered A51 BL but could be enchanted by VB if the MIC top combo looks good.
  10. Aftermarket Marine Grade Vinyl Seat Covers??

    I love the concept of MGV Seats but may start looking at other models other than BL or BD. Has anyone found any aftermarket vendors that currently make MGV seat covers for cars that have stated they will for Bronco as soon as they get measurements?