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  1. Possible rear window removal on mod top?

    I watched the Qand A they did today. One of the questions I have is what do you think the chances are the rear window could be removable on the Mod top? Anyone have an opinion? Do you think it will be sturdy enough to drive in the up position if it can’t be removed?
  2. 12” screen available on black Diamond?

    I I noticed in the black Diamond build it offers this stereo option..... can we add the 12” screen to the mid package for 695? What do y’all think this option is for?
  3. Are the Badlands beadlock wheels same offset as Sasquatch?

    I’m really leaning towards BL NON SAS upgraded beadlock wheel but I’m concerned the offset of the SAS package wheels might be a wider offset... would anyone have info or opinion to offer? In pictures the regular BL looks narrower for some reason
  4. What happens to canceled first edition orders?

    I’ve read several people mentioning they like color options on the BL and WT better than their FE reservations. They plan to change there order to one of those options. I wonder how Ford will manage the few that are left unspoken for. I wish there was a waiting list available we could be on...