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  1. PPF Film - Who's done it and what material?

    I went with XPEL PPF for like $5500 for a complete wrap...
  2. PPF Film - Who's done it and what material?

    I’m really happy with the work from sd auto salon and I am down to go borrego. Although, it looks so nice I can’t imagine how I’d feel if it got fucked up! They initially quoted me like 6700 I think but I had a quote from some other shop for really cheap, like $4500. So when I was gonna back out...
  3. XPEL Stealth Satin PPF wrapped my Carbonized Gray Badlands Bronco

    Just picked up my carbonized gray outer banks and couldn’t be happier!!!
  4. PPF Film - Who's done it and what material?

    I'll def post pics here for sure. I'm actually headed out of the country for a month so gonna leave it with them from 02/17 - 03/19. Daniel over at SD auto salon is pretty cool and I'm sure you can drop by while they are working on it. He showed me a white truck they were working on when I went...
  5. PPF Film - Who's done it and what material?

    Yes that was me! I just saw them this past Friday and I am going with Stealth. Auto Aarmour quoted me $6200 for stealth. Tint World uses Premium Shield, never heard of it. My opinion is I am going to be offroading in it and so to pay 10% of the value of the vehicle to protect it is worth it IMO...
  6. PPF Film - Who's done it and what material?

    Talked to Auto Armour, Tint World and decided to go with SD Auto Salon. Smaller outfit but they had good reviews and the owner seems like he pays attention to detail. Tint world did not have XPEL. Auto Armour wanted $6,250 just for the XPEL Stealth Wrap. I actually didn't even ask if it would be...
  7. PPF Film - Who's done it and what material?

    Thanks, it def seems like xpel is the way to go.
  8. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    I just got my outer banks in carbon gray last week. Gonna wrap it in a satin ppf, coat the shell rings and tint windows. I love the retro emblem, can I ask where you got it?
  9. PPF Film - Who's done it and what material?

    I had a shop quote me $6200 for xpel PPF. Another shop said they would do premium shield ppf, tint and ceramic coat the roof and fenders and grill for $4,300. So I'm trying to do some research on premium shield but don't see much about it. Everyone in these forums uses XPEL and 3M. How do you...
  10. PPF Film - Who's done it and what material?

    I also have carbonized gray and I love that look! What did they charge you up there? I'm in San Diego and the one shop I spoke with about Xpel want $6,250 for it. No tint or anything else.
  11. XPEL Stealth Carbonized Gray - 4 Door Badlands Sasquatch

    Congrats on getting married, the new ride, and the sick adventure you went on! I just got my outer banks in carbonized gray with the modular hardtop and was at the shop today looking at wraps. So the wrap you got is Xpel Stealth? Is there a warranty on it? Does it cover off-roading? I had...
  12. Did you finance or pay cash?

    Ah, sorry I missed that just joined this site!
  13. Did you finance or pay cash?

    Why would you do this? I get that it makes your payment affordable but this will make your bronco super expensive in the long run. That rate is way higher than a car loan and your term is 4 times longer.
  14. Did you finance or pay cash?

    The only circumstances where you should pay cash for a new car: 1. You have cash to burn and it doesn't materially impact your financial situation 2. You have poor credit and can't get decent financing - at least 5% or less. Most can get 2.5% rn. 3. You are not good at budgeting and default...