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  1. Big Bend Antimatter Blue 2 Door

    Dealer near me has 2 door Antimatter Blue Big Bend with the V6 for 41k. I'm so tempted to snatch it up, but I've been on the fence about the 2 and 4 door thing. Buttt...this was the color I really wanted Decisions Decisions
  2. Get a Bronco Sport and then trade it for the "real" Bronco?

    My gf had a suggestion to get a Bronco Sport to hold me over until the full-size is more readily available, and then trade the sport. ;)
  3. LED Lights observation?

    There may be other threads about this and I apologize if there is, but I've noticed in several videos that the LED lights on the Bronco seem to flicker a lot. Is this a bug or just due to video recording? a good example is in this Wildtrak video
  4. Considering putting in an order with my local dealer...

    I was considering putting in an order with my local dealer. I am already aware that it would be a long time before mine was built and shipped and I'm willing to wait. But now due to recent events, I am a bit hesitant and am thinking I should just continue to wait before doing anything. What do...
  5. Changing factory wheels & tires affects factory warranty?

    This may have been asked but I am curious with several people changing the wheels and tires on their new Bronco. So far, the ones I have seen look so much better than the factory ones. Does this impact the vehicle's warranty in anyway?
  6. Solid roof?

    I know the Bronco is designed to be a competitor for the Jeep Wrangler, but would you have bought or buy one if they had offered one with a solid roof instead of the removable one?
  7. Finally go to see one

    I finally got to see a new Bronco up close and take it for a spin. After taking it for a ride, I HAVE to get me one of these!! Loved it and my ‘77 needs a companion 😂 Its a two door Outer Banks I think the color was Area 51. Nice color but not for me. It doesnt have the Sasquatch package but...
  8. Schedule of when demo models arriving at each dealer?

    I know some dealers have received demo models, is there any indication or schedule when they will arrive at the local dealers? I'm in NJ, and all I've seen so far are the Bronco Sports. I'd like to take the "full-size" one for a spin before I decide to do anything.
  9. Decisions.....Decisions.....

    Originally I had decided I was going to wait a few years after the Bronco was launched before I "pulled the trigger" so to speak but I really have the Bronco "itch" now...LOL I'm probably going to go for Big Bend, but I can't decide between the Rapid Red or the Antimatter Blue or the two or...
  10. Hello from NJ

    I joined some time ago, just haven't had a chance to post. Just wanted to say hello