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  1. Bronco II Met a Violent End

  2. Soft Top Window Bag?

    Will the windows fit in this bag? I’ve scratched up the windows on my Jeeps before and I would prefer to avoid that happening again.
  3. Cars You’ve Had Plates and Titled in Your Name

    This list is of cars I have plated and driven. Not ones I have just flipped (for better or worse lol). 1982 Red Ford Mustang LX (5.0 5speed) 1984 Grey Ford Mustang LX (5.0 5speed) 1986 Red Ford Ranger (2.0 5speed) 1988 Black Lincoln Town Car (5.0 auto) 1989 Black Chevy Camaro IROC (305...
  4. Sold a Ford to Buy a Chevy

    I sold my 2011 Mustang GT and order a Chevy… Spark.
  5. Paying For Crappy Work

    Picked up my Familytruckster from the body shop the other day after having the paint corrected on the hood and lift gate. The workmanship is good but the color is waaaay off. Now I have to bring it back again.
  6. Dash Screen - Shapes

    It’s hard to get in photos but I have random lines on the dash screen and get weird shapes in it sometimes next to the start/stop icon. Is this just a quirk of these screens or something broken?
  7. Random Bronco Related Pictures

    A dumping ground for random photos of random Bronco(ish) related photos. Guess what model Bronco I have?
  8. HVAC Shuts When Auto Start/Stop Kicks On

    It’s happen a few times this week. I will come to a light and stop. Auto start/stop will turn off the engine then when I let off the brake the car will restart but shut off the blower and it will not come back on. I have to flick the speed control up or down for it to come back on. Is this...
  9. How to Paint a Diecast Scale Model with Factory Paint?

    I picked up a couple of the 4-door “Just Trucks” diecast cars from Walmart today but I would like one of them to be Area 51. I painted a few models as a kid long ago but with “model” paint never automotive paint. Any suggestions?
  10. Picked Up the Bronco Tonight

    After all the BS with the dealer leading up this it was nothing but smooth sailing and pleasant this evening. It was very pleasant. And I’m excited to enjoy it.
  11. I’ve Got My Dealers Mannequin For the Next Few Days

    I stopped in since there were some changes that happened at my dealership and the long story short the new Bronco Honcho at my dealer asked if I wanted to take their demo for a few days. Gee, let me think about that…. It’s a SAS Badlands. I’m sorry for those that like it but I hate yellow cars.
  12. Rivian R1S Delayed “Indefinitely” Rivian’s SUV has been delayed indefinitely but it appears their pickup is still on track. Not a good omen when you are seeking and IPO bigger than Ford and GM. lol I like their cars, I’ve considered...
  13. Title

  14. I am really going to miss my JK

    I just listed my JK for sale today. I am really going to miss it. I love it. I toyed with keeping it but I simply don’t need to. At all.
  15. Dodge P0153 Code I Cannot Correct

    I've spent over $3500 at this point with my own work and three different shops and I simply cannot get this code to go away. 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon 5.7 hemi (auto) with 117k on the clock. The code came on last December, I cleared it a few times just by unhooking the batteries but it...
  16. saw one in the wild

    yes all lower case for a reason; because no really cares. It was this evening about 2130 and it was dark. A red 4 door but I couldn’t see anything else. It was the first one I have seen in person and it was only seconds in passing. Only reason I am posting this is because it is someone in my...
  17. Installed a MONSTER Lift on my Jeep!!!!

    D’oh. This is only the second time she has done this to me and nearing 220k miles. This month has been carmageddon for me. 3 of my 5 rides have been in or are in the shop this month. Tis life.
  18. Changing Dealers if Bumped to MY22… HATE my Dealer

    I’ve stuck with my current dealer because I am hoping I am keeping my place in line. But if I haven’t and I get bumped to MY22 I am done with them. This is not a complaint about Ford and the roll out of the Bronco. It has had it issues but it is far from the clusterfuck a lot of the...
  19. Lease vs. Purchase?

    I have never leased a car before ever. I try to pay cash even for my new cars but on this one it will either have a note or a lease payment. I am considering a lease this time for a few reasons: we have no idea where the economy is going to go now and having a shorter term lease would be easier...
  20. Moving From Jeep?

    Sorry if this is a repost of a topic, if it please let me know and I will delete it, but I couldn’t find one exactly like it. This is also not a flame thread. I’ve owned many Jeeps in my life, my current JK will have 220k on the clock whenever the Bronco arrives. But it is time she is retired...