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  1. New Jersey WTB OEM Step Bars

    Nope, already picked up a pair but thanks for reaching out!
  2. Used Bronco Pricing - Where Is It Headed?

    I am curious to know where people think the pricing will go for used Broncos now that the 2022 order bank will be closed in a week. I do love my Bronco (but I also love money) and am curious where people think used pricing will head.
  3. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    @DealerInsider I ordered and received my 2022 Big Bend from Chapman of Philly. Amazing experience and even better truck. My wife has now fallen in love with it and we want to order a second one. Unfortunately I am being told that the best they can do is MSRP. Any chance you are still honoring...
  4. Soft-Top Latch… Hard to Snap Shut?

    Same issue here. Was cursing Ford in the Costco parking lot.
  5. Tow Shackles for Standard Bumper?

    How difficult or easy was the install? Did you have to remove anything besides the existing tow hooks?
  6. e-Brake Location

    While I don’t disagree. There are about 50 other places I would have put the brake. The location is where the old brake release used to be not where the brake used to be. Big difference.
  7. e-Brake Location

    Looking for feedback on where Ford decided to put the emergency brake. I drive a manual transmission and absolutely despise the location of the brake! Curious to get other's thoughts. If you could move it, where would you put it?
  8. Tow Shackles for Standard Bumper?

    Looks great! Did you purchase white shackles in addition to the kit?
  9. Tow Shackles for Standard Bumper?

    Does anyone know if these work both in the front and the back?
  10. Tow Shackles for Standard Bumper?

    Anyone have pictures of colored tow shackles on a standard bumper? Thanks!
  11. Official Big Bend Club

    Is it OEM Ford?
  12. Tow Hook Color for Carbonized Gray - help me decide

    Red and black or my final two. Still debating.
  13. Official Big Bend Club

    The front ones yes, the back ones no. I am not sure I’m going to do it if I can’t upgrade both. Thoughts?
  14. Tow Hook Color for Carbonized Gray - help me decide

    I don’t have an interior color other than black/grey.
  15. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Okay what is this and why didn’t it stick to the paint?!
  16. Official Big Bend Club

    So funny, never noticed it.
  17. Official Big Bend Club