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  1. Texas Badlands Wheels/Tires non-sas DFW

    (5) badlands wheels with 33” BFG 600 miles. Also interested in trade plus cash for mod bumper with front sensors. $1500 can meet in the DFW area
  2. Perimeter rooftop lighting- wiring/sealing w/o drilling ??

    I am adding diode dynamics ssc2 lights to the factory roof rack. I wired it to the factory aux rear quarter panel lead. I still need to lengthen the backlit power lead to reach the 12v in the back. I plan to put a 2 way switch and mount it in the back. I have ordered more foam gasket material to...
  3. Rotopax factory roof rack side mount?

    I snagged this screen shot from a bronco nation instagram post. Anyone know what the mounts are?
  4. How to disable the seatbelt chime (less than 2 minutes)

    I apologize for the redundancy of this but I made a quick video to help explain the easy way to disable the seatbelt chime. Disable seatbelt chime
  5. Windshield wiper spray going everywhere?

    The nozzles spraying the wiper fluid spray everywhere. The entire hood is covered, the rear view mirrors are covered and the windshield does get sprayed too. Is this normal? fyi the entire hood gets soaked even on the highway. Obviously not a problem unless I just washed the car. I don’t love...
  6. Texas 4 door carpet floor mats

    New in package 4 door carpet floor mats that came with my badlands. $99
  7. Texas Sold: Rigid Industries 6 rock light kit cool white (400253) $350

    Open box unused cool white 6 light rigid rock light kit. Some of the packaging has been cut to inspect the contents. Decided to go a different direction for lighting. SKU 400253 Rigid website link with specs $425 obo shipped msrp $549 I’m in the Dfw area but I’ll ship if you want and...
  8. Ford Translation please?

    Anyone care to translate this for me from the dealer system? I have heard it is expected to transition to "built" during those dates. I have also heard it is expected to be delivered in those dates(march 23-29)... For context, I still show "in production" on the tracker and even since 1/31 have...
  9. MY2022 vs MY2021 Bronco Changes - Full List

    All, this should be a central location that we can start to compile the MY21 vs MY22 differences. MY2022 Changes So Far: 1) Dual climate control knobs no longer have a digital temperature readout on all trims 2) Wildtrak lost its color matched handles and mirrors 3) 4 door sasquatch packages...
  10. Factory Roof Rack Dimensions?

    Does anyone have the Dimensions of the Factory roof rack? I am trying to figure out the diameter or height and width of both length and width bars? Any help would be appreciated!
  11. ReadyLift SST 2 vs 2.5 inch lift kits?

    I am considering between the 2in and 2.5in high payload Billet spacers. I don't plan to install anything that weighs down the vehicle (the claimed application for the 2.5in model.) Is there any benefit or disadvantage to going with either option? I did notice that it seems the 2.5in kit...
  12. DMOS Delta Shovel - (15% off discount code) Have you seen this thing???

    All, I'm not sure if I am late to the game or not but I just ordered the Stainless Steel Delta Shovel and am extremely excited to get it in! YES I KNOW, IT IS EXPENSIVE I spoke with the shop and emailed with the owner and got some clarification on some of their models. The Delta model comes...
  13. Photos of non-sas Lifted with stock tires/wheels?

    Does anyone have Photos of non-sas Lifted(2in) with stock tires/wheels? I am planning to do a 2 in lift on my 4dr Black Diamond but I am keeping the steelies and will run the stock 32's for a while before changing the shoes. I am wondering what it looks like... I'm sure plenty of folks have...
  14. What size awning?

    I am having a hard time finding what size awning to order. Cant seem to find any photos or videos of anyone running them yet. I would ideally get an 8ft but will it stick out beyond the windshield and seem goofy for daily driving?
  15. Front license plate ticket?

    Has anyone actually received a ticket for not having the front plate? I am sure there are exceptions but I have never heard of anyone receiving a ticket solely for not having a front plate. I did get a warning once while pulled over for speeding. Just trying to figure out if its worth it to...
  16. "camp" lighting?

    I am looking to add softer camp lighting in the rear hard top hatch (not sure exactly where yet). I want to have red and white options depending if I am hunting or bugs are out or just tailgating. My idea is to use the @diodedynamics led strip kits. I want it all with manual switches so I did...
  17. Texas Sold: WTB 4 Door Factory roof rack

    Looking for a factory 4 door roof rack. DFW area preferred but willing to drive to meet. UPDATE -my dealer was able to change the order even though i already have a vin
  18. Texas Sold: WTB 4 Door Storage Bags

    Looking for the 4 door on vehicle storage bags. Ideally in the DFW area or Austin/SA UPDATE -my dealer was able to change the order even though i already have a vin
  19. Ford Ordering system issues?

    I know I am way late to the game but I tried to place an order yesterday and the dealer said they are having issues converting/pushing orders to ford. He said Ford is working on the issue...