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  1. Age group demographics of Bronco owners!

    I am 23 (for one more month)
  2. Ford Bronco from Mexico City - 1 of 10 Badlands

    Congrats man!! I would love nothing more than to rip my Badlands across Tulum and the beautiful Mexican mountainside. Can't wait to make a trip out there from Texas!
  3. 2022 Broncos No Longer Have Temperature Setting Displayed on Control Knobs

    No problem! Thank you for correcting it. Just didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea lol
  4. 2022 Broncos No Longer Have Temperature Setting Displayed on Control Knobs

    Before everyone begins freaking out, this is NOT TRUE. You just need to press the arrow to go to the left. For some reason, it doesn't list Lux at the end of the choices, which is a weird website design issue. Depending on trim being built, you may not even be able to put the Lux package in it...
  5. 2022 Broncos No Longer Have Temperature Setting Displayed on Control Knobs

    I get it. I see the problem with changing a feature such as this (as it does look better than the blank knobs for sure) without informing people. In my opinion, as some have said, with the foresight Ford has with production channels, they should have just nixed the knob in totality. I own a...
  6. Dealership Canceled/Stole My Bronco Order 2 weeks from delivery

    Wow, this might take the cake for the worst dealer experience I've seen on this site yet. I can't believe any business in their right mind would do this to a customer, let alone a [email protected]#$ing veteran. How lost do you have to be in your ways to do that to a person? I understand, there is an...

    1 star from me. I will fight tooth and nail for anyone who has an experience with shi**y dealers charging markups to reservation holders. They deserve nothing but lost business and failure.

    This looks amazing. Congrats!! I look forward to seeing more of your build as time goes on. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    I'm joining the cause!! 1 star review LEFT!
  10. DoubleH2016

    DFW Bronco Club

    Awesome man! This is a sick build. Congratulations!
  11. Dealership Markup. Loganville Ford Sucks!!! UPDATE: They made it right!!

    I helped the cause here and posted a negative review. It's worth the 3 minutes it takes to let them know what scumbags they are for doing this to people who've waited so long to get their dream rigs.
  12. DoubleH2016

    DFW Bronco Club

    @New2This that's sweet! I can't wait for mine. And yeah-- I just ordered mine so I am not expecting a build date for a longggggg time haha.
  13. DoubleH2016

    DFW Bronco Club

    I'm new to this site, and new to owning a 4x4 vehicle. That being said, I want to say hi to everyone and introduce myself! I live in Richardson and just since last weekend, I decided (after about a year and a half of deliberation) to order my Bronco. Based on the build, I was told it would take...