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  1. Customer Service Intel as of 6/27/22 on Ordering, Scheduling, Production

    It seems like the 2dr models have been an issue also. Not sure if it was due to the hard top issues only or something else but any word on if 2drs will start rolling out.
  2. Cool Tribute or Junkyard Dog? Chanel gets Coco's funky Color Scheme!

    As long as you love it that's all that matters. I love when peeps make there vehicles original to them.
  3. OMG! Dropped my door reinstalling after removal! Damage photos

    I seen a really cool way Ashley Gill takes hers off . She has one of the little bar stools with the screw like dowel in the center. she adjusts to the proper height and places a towel on the seat for protection. :love::unsure::love:
  4. 🎞 Latest video look at Bronco mountain (storage lot)

    From Day 1 the spec / build sheet came out on all the trim models I have had my heart set on the Dr2 Badsas . after waiting I am starting to second guess my choice but, at the same do not want to let go of my build. Has anyone switched to a 4dr and let go of the Sas and tow . What is your...
  5. ⏱ Limited Bronco Scheduling Next Week (5/23) For Build Week June 27

    I have to say you take the prize . I like Motown Mountain best of all.
  6. ⏱ Limited Bronco Scheduling Next Week (5/23) For Build Week June 27

    wonder when we will have to convert over again. I have been watching to see if anything gets leacked
  7. ⏱ No Bronco Scheduling Next Week (5/9)

    yes, I work for a tier 1 supplier I know all to well the ups and downs we have been experiencing.
  8. Broncogirl66

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @GTPrincessa If you would not mind I would love to tag along sometime.
  9. ⏱ No Bronco Scheduling Next Week (5/9)

    They wouldn't get laid off if you look further down they are building Rangers
  10. Broncogirl66

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @GTPrincessa Hello Cynthia how are you? Hope your enjoying your Bronco I am still waiting.
  11. Broncogirl66

    Michigan Bronco Club

    ordered and thank you
  12. Broncogirl66

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Awesome job, cannot wait to purchase
  13. Broncogirl66

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Just an idea but possibly we could put a set together like the bronco nation pack. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. I am will to help in way possible.
  14. Broncogirl66

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @Jubear same I would like to get some items also and have no idea when i am getting my Bronco . Dealer said will probably have to convert again but who really knows.
  15. Half Cab Pick-Up Bronco Build! 🪚

    :love::love::love::love::love: Awesome, job I hope Ford goes back and decides to build the truck version again once they get stuff under control
  16. Broncogirl66

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Congratulations , Have fun
  17. Broncogirl66

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Have an amazing time I did Gunstock, would love to to do others.
  18. MGV (Vinyl) versus Leather

    love the black diamond seats
  19. Percentage of People REFUSING Their Order?

    I do not think gas prices are going to change many peoples minds. They tried this years ago thinking people would switch from trucks to cars. well you see how many cars are no longer being built. If people give theirs up its more likely a dirty dealer. :eek: :cry::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: