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  1. Tapping into parking/DRL lights

    I took the lazy way out.... SPV Parts Harness Bronco Parking/Headlight Connector Adapter (Powers Aftermarket Backlights w/ Parking/Markers)-SPV Harness System (Works w/ MANY vehicles) Ă— 1
  2. Installing Rear Fog/Chase Light Using Factory Switch & Harness

    It’s too much money to build the whole assembly from pieces as there are 5 inner large metal plates as well. The shell would be great for someone that’s damaged theirs and needs a replacement. I started down the path of adding up all the piece parts cost and it was more than made sense.
  3. Installing Rear Fog/Chase Light Using Factory Switch & Harness

    I spent significant time today disassembling a used metal rear bumper with sensors "without a rear fog light" to move everything over to a newly purchased "for rear fog light " bumper shell that utilizes the OEM rear fog light. The toughest part was removing the bumper cover that has a "...
  4. Factory Fog Light Switch

    There's a matching connector on the other side in the same place! smile. I DM'd you with my cell number if you want to get a walk through. You can buy a pigtail to match the factory harness end, Next , you can buy an adapter harness to get the back light power without tapping a wire if you want...
  5. Installing Rear Fog/Chase Light Using Factory Switch & Harness

    Hello Bryan, The rear fog switch on the dual fog headlamp switch is for countries that require the rear fog to be on while driving. The harness with sensors shown above plugs in at the rear of each rear wheel arch and has a 2 pin connecter that goes to the rear fog lamp assembly. This is for a...
  6. Updated:Fog lights added and connected to factory connector

    Brandon, Thank you for sharing . I rolled around under the front end looking for factory wiring and decided I better go inside and see what was on Bronco6G? Fortunately, I had "watched " this thread and you popped right up! I Pulled the pins to remove the covers and poof. THANK YOU,Thank You ...
  7. So last call for a mud flap for Sasquatch, and or rock rails? with rock rails, NO LOGO's
  8. Factory Fog Light Switch

    M2DZ-11654-BA. single fog no puddle lamps
  9. Factory Fog Light Switch

    I have the PN somewhere in all my order confirmation emails. I will try to find for you. If you want this switch , IT is yours for 75 dollars plus the actual ride cost. I don't know if it will work for your Bronco. DO YOU HAVE THE FACTORY HARNESS ? That's the big deal. smile
  10. Mud flaps/ Splash guards for Outerbanks

    Please find below picture of Ford Mud mud flaps with the Tube step that comes on the Outerbanks. You can do this with a drill , dremel and a file by moving the mounting holes in the bottom of the tube step. .
  11. OuterBanks and Factory Mud Flaps + Accessories

    My sons OuterBanks arrived Friday afternoon , 14 days earlier than forecasted by the pizza tracker. We were so excited that we visited with the prep guy doing the clean up before closing late Friday afternoon . She was ready for pick up Mid Saturday ( only 3 miles on the odometer) and we went...
  12. Dealer; Ford will not allow order change.

    I am thrilled for you are most likely going to get your tow package....
  13. Rockworkx hard top bolts installed. Removable by hand

    Grant two sets for our 2 doors . Satin Silver or black? we do not care if one is easier to manufacture. Sent email to your website.
  14. Factory Fog Light Switch

    And here’s a dual waiting puddles
  15. Factory Fog Light Switch

    Here’s a single fog without puddle lights..... Take note that it doesn’t have a connector to add the puddle module (at screw driver )
  16. Factory Fog Light Switch

    Brice, I did finally get a dual fog switch. Are you trying to add the dual as well or just need a single? Regards, George
  17. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 56 so far [July 3 update]

    yes , you are absolutely correct, so the "EC" suffix is for the replacement part number ml3e 6006
  18. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 56 so far [July 3 update]

    Bill, THe EC shows that this engine design has been around a very very long time. Thanks to another forum member that educated us on the numbering system . -AA rolled to AB all the way to AZ over time. AFTER -AZ it became -BA and so it starts again through BZ skip forward a long , long way...