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  1. Mic top article in Detroit Free Press

    Everyone happy with their new mic tops?
  2. T shirt idea…

    Don’t have the skills to implement, but with the new allocation situation, updated sig/logo/t-shirt idea came to me. Ford “allocated” my early Bronco reservation into a brand new [wrangler, gladiator, Tacoma, 4Runner, Colorado, defender].
  3. Stealerships licking their chops

    With all the delays and now Ford admitting they will be building non-customer orders, I’m imagining stealerships are working on some insane adm for these. What are you thinking for adm for a base 4 door. 10k above sticker?
  4. What's the issue with Webasto exactly? (ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS)

    I’ve seen every episode of How It’s Made so obviously I’m an expert 😀, so what is the issue with Webasto exactly? Best I can tell, the manufacturing process for a hard goes like so: 1. Press button to inject hot soft plastic into molder 2. Press button when hard top is formed-hard top ejects...
  5. Late my21 delivery vs waiting for my22

    As a day 3 reservation, I realize I may be looking at my22 anyway, but I do hold out hope for an October delivery. Have a late October vacation planned that would be greatly enhanced by a shiny new Bronco. Can you change to order code 99 at any time? I’m thinking if I don’t receive my Bronco...