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  1. Late April Update - Granger Ford

    I don't get on here that frequently anymore since my timeline is so far out... I didn't know price protection going away was a risk we are looking at. Yeah, I'll stay in line at this point, but it's probably time to start figuring out what else is out there.
  2. Initial Take and 2k Mile Road Trip Home

    That's what I've gathered too. It might not be the most optimal break in method, but it's not going to break anything either.
  3. VIOLENT Window Rattle

    Perk of waiting in line I tell myself when I see someone driving in their bronco 😂😭
  4. Initial Take and 2k Mile Road Trip Home

    Great post. Any concern about engine break in period just on highway or not really? I’m planning on a return trip from Iowa thru Ozarks and back to Texas. One day Bronco in Sedona is definitely on the to do list.
  5. Should I give up?

    The dealer that told you such a short timeframe either is clueless or unethical. It always was going to be a matter of years not months for your reservation date. My car with 140k miles, which I hoped to be rid of by now, is in for needed repairs since I’m expecting 12-18 more months of...
  6. Wiper Replacement?

    don’t have a bronco yet so not sure if they fit properly but Bosch Icons have been my go to for years and they’ve been great on a variety of vehicles.
  7. Late April Update - Granger Ford

    I wish it were possible to know if we added back on hard top how far we move back down the list. I'm in the 210's. Not worried about towing since Bronco doesn't add anything other than the hitch and wire harness and the hitch can be added easily for a bike rack. I had hoped my current car would...
  8. Blue Stitching & Accents Deleted. Green Stitches Added: Complete

    Or consulted the folks that drew up the announcement interiors
  9. The Mid-March Update from Granger Ford

    Yeah it's confusing Oct 1, 2020 reservation 2021 "order" to hold pricing knowing I would be in a 2022 (or later...) model year. February 2022 "Real order" I'm guessing I'm realistically looking at either 2023 or 2024 by the time I actually have a Bronco unless Granger is able to get more...
  10. The Mid-March Update from Granger Ford

    My terminology may be off but in 21 I place an order knowing I’d have to do it again for a 22. In February 2022 I finally signed all the real order paperwork.
  11. The Mid-March Update from Granger Ford

    Thank you - I’ll call the after market guy tomorrow on the engine upgrades and see what’s what. Not that we tow at the limit but for the $ that ought to come with it. Wish me luck.
  12. The Mid-March Update from Granger Ford

    That was exactly us. We LOVED that McIntosh on the test drive. But just couldn’t justify the $11k more than the limited trim. The bells and whistles (stereo, Napa leather, air suspension, towing, tech, tech II, sunroof, etc) were technically worth that but we didn’t need them and couldn’t...
  13. The Mid-March Update from Granger Ford

    We just bought a Grand Cherokee locally and essentially none of the ones coming off the line have towing because they can't get the wiring harness for some reason even at the factory. So instead of a $700 option from the factory that gives you beefier alternator, cooling to go with your hitch...
  14. The Mid-March Update from Granger Ford

    I'm #266 (as of this March 15 list) and when I was placing my order in February I was "in the 300's" By my math I'm looking at June 2024 at this pace.
  15. The Mid-March Update from Granger Ford

    After reading through the thread I was wondering the same thing - maybe a periodically updated Google doc would be the move.
  16. Ford says it will NOT ALLOW order transfers anymore

    I’m a Oct 1 reservation, switched to Granger because of their seemingly great reputation on here, save a little money and have a cool road trip & story on the way home. actual document signing was in February 2022 - language used at that time was if you want a shot at a 2022 take off hard top...
  17. [UPDATE - I'm SOL] Golf Mill Ford Stole my Bronco

    Experiences like this are why Tesla is mopping the floor with the auto industry.
  18. 2022 Wildtrak Owner Review

    Stimulus ended a long time ago. If companies are not able to hire it’s bc there’s better options for whoever is within the geographical footprint of any particular company. A lot of older Americans said screw it and retired leaving a void at the top that was filled in with younger people. Then...
  19. 2022 Wildtrak Owner Review

    Depends on the shape of the door. If there’s any real curvature to the offending door it will impact higher up bypassing the step.
  20. Question for those that attended Off-Roadeo in Austin

    Old people generally don’t go for cities in general I have found. If one enjoys restaurants, bars, live music, city scene, yeah visit and stay in Austin. If you prefer peace and quiet stay in/around marble falls. Can’t go wrong in my opinion.