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  1. What gas mileage are you getting with 2.7 and SAS?

    I was getting 18.6 when I was driving 120 highway miles. I'm now doing more city driving and added a 3 inch lift and getting about 17.5
  2. 6/30 blend dates

    Hope you guys are doing well! I didn’t receive mine until 10/06 (ironically same day as my birthday) but here she is 18k miles later
  3. Need Advice of Back of Rear Seat Molle Panel & Tailgate Table & Molle Grid Cup Holder

    Whoops i found it right here.. thanks
  4. Need Advice of Back of Rear Seat Molle Panel & Tailgate Table & Molle Grid Cup Holder

    Is that panel bronco specific? I couldnt find it :(
  5. LSM7581 Race Red Bronco Build

    Dammn I’m so torn between the km3 and ko2’s… currently have my truck in the shop getting zone lift on as well.
  6. Mileage check in, who's got the most on their 6th gen Bronco?

    17.5K Miles in 8 months. Only issue is driver rear window wont roll enough and time to time the door wont shut properly
  7. Tire Weights: Goodyear Territory (Sasquatch Pkg) vs Aftermarket

    Curious to know as well... I intend on going to 37's in a month or two
  8. Any Memorial Day sales on Bronco accessories?

    Looks like code isnt working :(
  9. 37's on Zone 3" Badlands Sasquatch (UPDATE 2)

    sweeet! How much did they charge to install the lift? I was considering the work myself but depending on price I might just have someone else knock it out lol
  10. ARB Giveaway! ARB edition TRED Pro recovery boards (CLOSED)

    Following on IG and Youtube!
  11. SVC's New Coil Spacer Lift!

    This guy did a good job explaining how and what youll need to get the job done.
  12. Applied retro decal stripe kit

  13. Tire Thoughts? Looking for decent Overlanding tire

    I saw this video earlier and helped me with what I want to accomplish....lmk what you think A/T vs M/T
  14. JcrOffroad Roof Racks are here!

    @JcrOffroad is there any pictures with the 40" light bar cutout option you offer?
  15. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    sorry if anyone has already asked...but any rubbing?
  16. Monthly Gas Cost?

    You've convinced me to try eco lol I drive about 110 miles a day and have been averaging 17.4... been filing up at about $65 every two days ($75 this morning)
  17. Opinion what color rims for Area 51

    I don’t think the simulators do any justice … I took a chance but I like how my wheels came out.. I think the stance will look better once I install 37’s and lift it a bit more
  18. Texas Wildtrak Wheels $1,100 set of 5

    Just wheels
  19. Texas Wildtrak Wheels $1,100 for set of 5

    I wouldn’t have an idea but I can find out for you in the next couple of days and yes it’ll be all five
  20. Texas Wildtrak Wheels $1,100 for set of 5

    Pictures attached!