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  1. Independence Day the ARB way: GIVEAWAY! -- Limited BP-51 Edition ARB High Output Portable Compressor

    Watched the fireworks. Following on Facebook. Thanks.
  2. Review: Bronco Raptor vs. F-150 Raptor -- Desert-Crushing Dinos Go Head to Head

    The hill climb test was poorly done. You would not be climbing that in 4Hi and locking the diffs half way up. Lock it up and disconnect it in 4lo and go up. Test the features it has compared to features that other vehicles may lack. He did not do it justice in that situation, just my opinion.
  3. 8/1/22 Build Week Group

    Got notified last night that we are scheduled for 8/1. First notification we have gotten since placing our order in October.
  4. 2.3 Reviews

    Where is your real world review?
  5. 2.3 Reviews

    You never said what’s wrong with the 10 speed, and you are hard to understand. OP is asking those that actually own Broncos.
  6. 2.3 Reviews

    The 10 speed auto works great with the 2.3 because the engine is always in its power band. 2.3 is more than adequate. We drove ours up and over the mountains going to Moab and it was never short on power and pulls hard.
  7. Extremely impressed! Had my Bronco doing jumps, turn-assist donuts, dirt embankments, climbing giant hills, 50+ mph on uneven terrain

    They are more impressive when used in actual off-road situations instead of thrashings. A Honda Civic can replicate these videos 🤣
  8. UPDATE: Engine Being Replaced AGAIN [Clicking noise in replacement 2.7 engine]

    Why are you asking us and not the dealer? Why does everyone try to diagnose something that is under FULL warranty? Fuck, I’ve had radios replaced under warranty because the lettering wore off of buttons, had tires replaced because it looked like lugs on the tires were chunking off, steering...
  9. FINALLY ARRIVED -- Wet Okole 2DR Seat Covers 10/10⭑ I think these are popular with the Wrangler crowd and the Bartac brand are also. I bought some of these cordura covers for my daughters car and they hold up and protect well. I bought the SportsTex for my little wrangler TJ. They...
  10. FINALLY ARRIVED -- Wet Okole 2DR Seat Covers 10/10⭑

    Neoprene is horrible for seat covers, swap ass and back even when it’s cool out. There were some in my Jeep when I bought it, everyone on the Jeep forum hates them. They were right, constantly sweaty feeling while sitting in them. I threw them away and bought some from Caltrend SportsTex...
  11. "No-Step" Rock Slider from GOAT Fabrication

    Holy Mother of Road Noise, those tires….. Nice rails👍🏻
  12. Should I buy?

    I own a 5 speed wrangler and my kids can drive it as well, it’s not a big deal (I feel like that is a pretty minor accomplishment). I’m a nobody 😢 and my kids are nobody’s 😩. How many vehicles have a manual as an option these days? He said his wife doesn’t drive a manual.
  13. Should I buy?

    On the manual, nobody can drive them anymore and the automatic is awesome off-road.
  14. Oh God please no!

    OMG, that gas mileage! Ohh, are you referring to something else?
  15. Who buys a 1st year anything?

    Glad I jumped on a demo unit and enjoying the heck out of it instead of playing the waiting game. I’m guessing our ordered Bronco will be getting pushed to 2023.
  16. Soft top owners be aware

    Dealer is probably hoping to bully the customer into trading it in or selling it back by stating replacement parts are 8 months out.
  17. Bronco Super Celebration @ Wisconsin July 6th-9th, 2022

    Can’t get a feel for what’s going on at this event 🤷🏻‍♂️