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  1. TyGuy40

    Colorado Bronco Club

    This drive was lovely. God, this state is beautiful.
  2. TyGuy40

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @b_moar thank you so much. All great info!!
  3. Stats show no losers between Bronco and Jeep so far. Just expanded offroad SUV segment 👍

    The loser is the Wrangler because the Bronco is just so much better looking. :cool:
  4. TyGuy40

    Colorado Bronco Club

    thank you!
  5. TyGuy40

    Colorado Bronco Club

    Hey everyone, I'm driving to the Aspen area later this month, and I wanted to hike Castle Peak at some point, but was curious if a 2-door Badlands with stock 33s gives enough ground clearance to get to the first bridge and creek on this trail, and how easy it is to get to the about the 12k foot...
  6. Let's talk Ugly...

    Fair enough.
  7. Let's talk Ugly...

    that’s pretty ugly. No offense
  8. Let's talk Ugly...

    I dunno, this doesnt look like an off-road / utility vehicle.
  9. Let's talk Ugly...

    Personally, I feel they are both abominations.
  10. Let's talk Ugly...

    By popular demand, you may now change your vote because we have more choices. Have fun, be civil😎
  11. Let's talk Ugly...

  12. Let's talk Ugly...

  13. Mileage check in, who's got the most on their 6th gen Bronco?

    4802 miles Just one crack in a windshield to gripe about. Changed my deductible to be a "Zero-glass Replace" option. Stupid rock. Praying nothing else goes wrong, I have a long road trip to Colorado this month. 🙏
  14. Are gas prices having you question your pending order? [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I'm considering selling my 2-door. I love it, but the tank on a 2-door is extremely small, and the MPG is just awful for a 2-door badlands (non-sas). I have the 2.7L, and I never expected to get 19-20 MPG, but right now, I am struggling to just get 13-14 city, and 16 hwy.
  15. Texas May sell my two-door...

    Thanks, my BL however, does not have the Sasquatch package. Ford dealer, without me even telling them anything, offered me 56k just to buy it back. makes me think I could get at least 60+ for it.
  16. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Update: Back in the Saddle Again]

    But I have the 2.7, which appears to be the one having issues. :(
  17. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Update: Back in the Saddle Again]

    This scares me. I am doing a long road trip (Austin, TX to Colorado) later this month. I have about 4500 miles on the odometer. Praying nothing happens.
  18. Stripped Beauty Ring Bolts

    Was curious if anyone had the same nightmare of an experience as I did trying to take off the beauty rings. I plasti-dipped mine in all black, but getting them back on was not a fun experience. Two of the bolts stripped completely, can't even unscrew them off now if I wanted to. Any tips on...
  19. Got my beauty rings powder coated black... Few things...

    Ok, i had the same issue. One bolt completely stripped, and I can't remove it now. So that sucks. And two other bolts wont even screw in all the way anymore. Any tips on how to remove a stripped bolt? And completely screw-in the stubborn ones that won't budge?
  20. Bronco Raptor window stickers now appearing. Reveals 15 MPG

    Really curious what the REAL WORLD MPG will be. I get 12-14 on avg (in the city) on my 2-door Badlands. And it's not even SAS.