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  1. Stats show no losers between Bronco and Jeep so far. Just expanded offroad SUV segment 👍

    saw interesting article by Autonews recently... Jeep Wrangler vs. Ford Bronco: No losers early Ford's revived Bronco has expanded the off-road SUV segment instead of just eating into Jeep's base. Interesting points...
  2. First Look: 2021 Bronco Antimatter Blue and Iconic Silver + 2 Door Cactus Gray

    Turn signal on maybe? Still image caught between flashes?
  3. [Official] 150K Bronco Reservations Received Already

    Looks like it varies depending on model ordered and deposit program (and amount put down). I had a model Y on order, before the whole pandemic hit and continuing aftermath has changed my driving needs. I cancelled that order and reluctantly gave my free $100 bonus to Tesla. Good thing I'm a...
  4. Refusing “Mandatory” dealer add-ons?

    I really don't want to mess with buying out of state, not to mention perks from buying from a local dealer. After all the rig is going to have to be serviced throughout it's lifespan (granted not all of which will be dealer performed). Buying out of state means I have to deal with sales tax...
  5. [Official] 150K Bronco Reservations Received Already

    You know that's a good point with the Tesla deposit. They sort of skirt the line, it's refundable but only back to your Tesla account. Which doesn't do you any good towards getting the money back if you don't use any Tesla services.
  6. Refusing “Mandatory” dealer add-ons?

    Oh that's going to suck. I sent a note back to the dealer to inquire about this additional fee. I'm at Sheehy Warrenton which has confirmed no ADM and accepts X-plan. How about you?
  7. [Official] 150K Bronco Reservations Received Already

    They should have made the reservation fee non-refundable. Weed out the window shoppers and impulse buyers. That's what Tesla did on their upcoming model releases. Plus they get to use that fee as capital to invest in the build.
  8. Refusing “Mandatory” dealer add-ons?

    How do you know that the dealer is charging these hidden "mandatory" fees? I contacted my local dealer to find out if they charge ADM and support X-plan (assuming it's offered on the Bronco). They didn't mention anything about mandatory dealer services.
  9. First Look: 2021 Bronco Antimatter Blue and Iconic Silver + 2 Door Cactus Gray

    OMG there is so much going on in these pictures! Body color painted hard-tops?? What wheels are those on the Cactus Grey 2-door?? Is that a spare tire cover?? That Antimatter blue is sooo dark!!
  10. Videos of Bronco Badlands Sasquatch Show Roof Panel Removed With Roof Rails Installed & Rear Fold Down Seats

    I have the exact same question! Initially though black but when the sun catches it, looks blue???
  11. Is the Bronco really this big?

    Hard to judge from the pics, but I can assure you 35" tires are huge! Kind of surprised everyone is jumping on the Sasquatch package. 35" tires look great and perform well off-road, but in every other setting they're a hassle. Terrible on-road manners, loud as hell, poor fuel efficiency, soft...
  12. Video: 3 Bronco Testers (Including Soft Top) and a Jeep Rubicon on transport truck

    I'm all in for 2-door. Closest to the original EB which sealed the deal for me. The kids can crawl over the folded front-seats to get into the rear seat. It was good enough for me growing up :)
  13. Spotted: Badlands No-Sasquatch Bronco On 33″ Tires [Updated With Interior]

    Give me those vinyl seats and rubberized flooring! I can’t wait to not clean my BL Bronco! ?
  14. Spotted: Badlands No-Sasquatch Bronco On 33″ Tires [Updated With Interior]

    Yeah I see it was mentioned. There's only been 2 clearly detailed badlands spotted, the one in this thread and THIS other one, and neither had the modular bumper. Just seems odd and we know the modular bumper exists and has been seen on many other models spotted. What I'm hoping to see is...
  15. Spotted: Badlands No-Sasquatch Bronco On 33″ Tires [Updated With Interior]

    I'm sure it has to do with mechanical limitations moreover market preferences. To have a manual with the 2.7L V6 would mean it would need to stand up to at least 400ft-lbs torque. Not many MT's can do that without getting into serious performance internals. AT's on the other hand can handle...
  16. Spotted: Badlands No-Sasquatch Bronco On 33″ Tires [Updated With Interior]

    one thing that's always puzzled me is this front bumper. I thought the Badlands come with the "Modular Steel Bumper"? Is the bumper in these pics the modular style? Doesn't look like it.
  17. Bronco Outer Banks Non Sasquatch Spotted

    I hope they’re not planned for production. They’re supposed to be body color matching on Outerbanks.
  18. Bronco Outer Banks Non Sasquatch Spotted

    4 Door Bronco Outer Banks (no Sasquatch Package) spotted.