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  1. Tell me you have a Bronco on order, without telling me you have a Bronco on order.

    My wife is starting to think the "Tracker App" might have porn on it because it takes up 90% of my web history. 😂 😂 😂 😂
  2. How long before we see trashed Broncos?

    With this being the 2nd year for an offroad vehicle. How long before we start seeing clapped out Bronco running around with zipties holding them together and covered in dints. Even hack job mods.....
  3. Bronco Waiting Anonymous

    I’m feeling we need a thread started to start a support group. This is a place for people who have received their Broncos to recover from their wait and to support people still waiting. Hi, I’m TJ and I’m still waiting……
  4. Stock exhaust size.

    I’m wanting to pull the stock muffler off my Bronco day one. I was thinking about putting a resonator to keep it from drowning at highway speeds. Does anyone know the OD of the pipe on the stock muffler? That way I can order the parts so I can have it when Bronco shows up in a few weeks.
  5. How to find out what modules I'm waiting on?

    Is there any way with my vin I can find out what Modules my Bronco needs? should be in a data base somewhere.
  6. Anyone tested these Tie Rod Sleeves?

    Thought this looked like and easy upgrade if they work. Just wanted to know if they have been put to the test yet. HD Tie Rod Sleeves | Ford Bronco 4WD (2021-2022) | Rough Country
  7. Confirmed “Chip Hold” Thread

    I’m looking for people to hold my hand and console me as I go through the infamous “Chip Hold”. 😞😞😞😞 I really want to here from people who have had there dealer or Chat confirm chip hold. Has anyone ever gotten off of chip hold and had their Bronco delivered?

    Maybe I’m missing something, but how could people REALLY have first week Res and no Bronco? Are they lying? Have they not converted to an order? Did they dealership just sell it and not tell them? With so many people (me being one) get a Bronco 4 months after walk in order, they have to be full...
  9. Gaming the system is causing the back log.

    I've searched but couldn't find an thread on this. I know it might not make a huge difference, but I'm still blaming those people.
  10. Run front roof panel without rear.

    I've used the search without luck. Just wanted to know if, on the two door, you can remove the rear part of the top and just run the front panels.
  11. Everglades fender flare part numbers and price?

    I've look to see what the fender flairs on the Everglades cost but can't find it. How would I go about finding a price? I would like to swap out them to my bronco.
  12. No more Badlands with manual????

    I, like many, was plating around with my the build and price page (after already having my order confirmed, lol). Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but you can't add manual transmission to Badlands anymore.
  13. Poll who wants the new Ford Bronco Raptor?

    How could Ford think this thing looks good?
  14. Am I crazy to sell FJ Cruiser for Bronco?

    I broke down and ordered a 2 door Badlands Bronco last week. No I’m worried I might be making a mistake get ride of FJ for Bronco. The “1st year issues” scare me when I know the Toyota can run for 200k+ with no issues. Just looking for Bronco lovers opinions.