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  1. Does Lux (or any package) come with HD radio?

    But how can I FORscan my laserdisc to play on my 12" dash screen? :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:
  2. I spend good amount time reading good and horror dealer threads. Planning to order one soon!

    According to the Master Thread here, it looks like Five Star isn't charging ADM. Maybe that's a "wasn't", circa 2020-2021 when these threads were generally populated. If you're ordering new for MY'23, you'll probably have plenty of time to worry about it between ordering and delivery.
  3. 06/27/22 Build week group

    That sounds promising! Can I ask what your build status is, according to the links/tools we have access to? Sounds like it's "In Production" on pizza tracker & backdoor link, but modules are populated and Tear Tag listed on 6G Tracker?
  4. Whoa, Nellie! Avg monthly payment > $700.

    Technology and regulations are also driving up the cost far more than when most of us were in our budget-minded vehicle buying days. Increasing emissions measuring/standards, mandated backup cameras, computer back boxes with compulsory uplinking to manufacturer databases, etc. All of that stuff...
  5. 06/27/22 Build week group

    Bahahaha Though admittedly, if I was a Ford Chat representative, sitting in a cube on a Sunday, on the 4th of July weekend, answering the 54,000th customer's 684th request for a production update of a luxury vehicle, that they've already been waiting nearly 2 years for... maybe their dire...
  6. 06/27/22 Build week group

    Tear tags are commonly showing up ~2 days after blend date, so I don't think you're outside of assembly norm yet.
  7. 06/27/22 Build week group

    Haha... 1 (approximately) :D The marg was for parallel thinking to defeat impulsive pessimism. For all others stuck in the same boat, if our modules have populated and we've got a tear tag, I expect that we'll be insulated from the main plant downtime. This message brought to you by hilarious...
  8. 06/27/22 Build week group

    I am Jack's crushing realization that entering the weekend without official "BUILT" status may cascade into several weeks of idle time. When that thought happened, I immediately left work for a margarita lunch. It'll be OK though.
  9. 06/27/22 Build week group

    That's, uh, exactly the panic situation. Yes! :D :D We're having fun here, no?
  10. 06/27/22 Build week group

    Us early-week blend's with tow package, apparently:
  11. Early peek @ LIGHT BLUE 2023 Bronco Color, Heritage Edition w/ Squared Flares and Painted MOD Hard Top!

    Baby blue, yeah yeah whatever. The real story is that MOD top. Holy crap that thing looks great. If both had been ready at roll-out, that $1,495 upcharge from MIC to MOD would have been the biggest no-brainer add-on.
  12. 06/27/22 Build week group

    Modules populated sometime in the last hour. From a 6/28 blend in the 800s out of 1,900s yesterday. EDIT: 6/30 update - tear tag was present when I checked first thing this morning. NPC4. I will most definitely NOT be driving this thing like an NPC. :D
  13. ICONIC SILVER Bronco Club

    I regret *not* going silver, if that makes you feel any better? I'll be thrilled with A51, but seeing all of these photo threads populate in the waiting, if I were re-speccing for MY23 I'd be choosing silver too.
  14. Dealer doing last minute Markups on my bronco

    A few quotes from the video: "What you *can* do is you can try to work with them when something bad happens." Uh, effing EXCUSE ME? Something "bad" happening? No, this was all drama of the dealer's making. "He was in communication early on with us, and then for about a 3-4 month period...
  15. New Bronco Owner

    EDIT: yikes! wrong thread reply! Sorry about that!
  16. 06/27/22 Build week group

    Today is my blend date. Why am I nervous. Is anyone else nervous about this? We've been waiting forever, and now that it's happening I don't know why the human body is behaving as such.
  17. Let's talk Ugly...

    AMC Pacer? Denied!
  18. Katzkin Install Results - MGV Upgrade to Leather Seat Covers (Autumn color)

    Will do! I'm in production for 6/28 blend, and I'll probably avoid making any decisions until I have everything at home. Maybe including a variety of swatches of competing Katzkin colors. What I've done right now is try to assess what the Area51 color really boils down to, find its...
  19. 06/27/22 Build week group

    Do all other build-week threads devolve into Pet Photo Time in the anxiety burp between Window Sticker & Module Times? Keep 'em coming, y'all! Love to see y'all's passenger or backseat adventure partners. :D