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  1. SecuriAlert Not Responding

    I am able to turn SecuriAlert on and off from my iPhone, but I’m unable to set a schedule and get constant “FordPass not responding” errors at the top of the screen. Has anyone else seen this issue and resolved it? I’d like to set a schedule to stop alerting during weekdays at the times I take...
  2. 67Designs Install

    This is also linked in my rig log thread. 67D install begins at the 5m mark.
  3. California Sold: Archetype Racing BYODR

    $220 shipped I ended up going 67 Designs, so I'm selling my Archetype BYODR. It's never been installed, but I did assemble it to inspect it. The style is picatinny, with the graphite black finish. If you're local to me (San Diego) it's available for local pickup too.
  4. California Sold: 4-Door OEM Rock Rails

    Located in North San Diego (San Marcos), rails were removed from my Badlands, no scratches I can see. I have brackets and hardware bagged for each side. $500 OBO
  5. McMuffin's Trip Logbook

    The intent of this thread is to do a write-up of each significant trip I take with my rig. What worked, what didn't, etc. I'll try and make the format consistent!
  6. OnXOffroad Integration

    Noticed this here: Looks like OnX now supports Android Auto! I have a spare Android (Pixel) that I'm gonna load up and see how well it works. They infer...
  7. McMuffin's Bronco Logbook

    Revising my participation on B6G
  8. Off-Roadeo TX review

    Hey all! I got some time to kill in the airport in Austin, so here's my review of the Off-Roadeo. I would strong encourage anyone on the fence to go forward with this. I used to race motorcycles and this was a great experience that reminded me of my days learning to road race. Accommodations...
  9. Request: White Modular Photos / Prototypes

    Can folks help me find some photos, shopped or concepts, particularly of an Area51 modular with a white top?