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  1. Everyone needs to let him know these will sell - 6.5" Speaker pods for the rear

    Included with the instructions for the soundbar are the steps needed to 'flash' the ACM to provide full range signal. I would imagine that any Ford dealer with a service department could do this. Step VI in the attached guide. I'm also interested in the 6.5s for the back pods.
  2. Terrible Dealer Experience with Dick Masheter Ford in Columbus OH

    The name alone would have kept me away. WTH? "Want your Dick mashed? Come to Dick Masheter Ford!"
  3. Dirt Drag Race - Bronco 2.7 vs Wrangler 3.6

    I think that its further evidence that Ford nerfs the Bronco in low RPMs in first gear.
  4. Stats show no losers between Bronco and Jeep so far. Just expanded offroad SUV segment 👍

    During 'normal' times, or if we get back to normal times, with normal production numbers, I'm guessing that the Bronco that absolutely destroy the Wrangler in sales. Let's be real, only 5-6% (or less) of Wrangler buyers buy one for true 'rock crawling', while 98%+ of new JL buyers will be using...
  5. OH NO 2.0 MIC Hard Top Delaminating!?!?!!!

    Is anyone familiar with the process of marine gelcoat? I wonder if this might be a solution to cover up the snakeskin, open edges, and mis-matched color between sections. Of course, that option would probably eliminate any chance of doing a warranty claim in the future if and when the whole top...
  6. OH NO 2.0 MIC Hard Top Delaminating!?!?!!!

    I would wait until v3 is released before filing a warranty claim. Your replacement top will not likely be any better.
  7. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Update: Back in the Saddle Again]

    Not really confidence inducing. Especially considering our family vacations to the Colorado mountains where there is no cell phone coverage and we can be in the woods for hours without seeing another person.
  8. Ford updated the soft top clips recently

    For those of us who haven't gotten our Broncos yet, can someone post a picture of the old design so we can compare?
  9. Webasto investing $213M this year on MIC hard tops. Expects to build ~1 million roofs total for Bronco

    Obviously far from an exact confirmed source, but it seems to be something that's being kicked around the office. Upscale Ford Bronco With Fixed Roof Might Happen ( "According to an interview conducted by the team at Ford Authority, Ford hasn’t ruled out a fixed roof upscale...
  10. Webasto investing $213M this year on MIC hard tops. Expects to build ~1 million roofs total for Bronco

    I thought that I had read that Webasto lost the hardtop contract due to the lack of production / quality of production and that it was awarded to another company? I know that Ford at one point mentioned a solid one piece fixed top for a future model, so that could be two of the other tops that...
  11. [Update: It’s Back!!] Delivered Bronco taken back to Michigan by Ford

    "Back by the end of the week". Don't bet any money on that statement. You'll be lucky if it doesn't get sent to dirt mountain purgatory for a few months.
  12. ARB Giveaway! ARB edition TRED Pro recovery boards (CLOSED)

    Those would be a great match to my Carbonized Gray Badlands!
  13. ⏱ Limited Bronco Scheduling Next Week (5/23) For Build Week June 27

    I'm beginning to feel like I'm in a cult. I'm begging Ford to take $54k from me for an unreliable POS with poor gas mileage, and they won't take it. My local Jeep dealer seems to have no problems with getting JLs and Gladiators in. I don't want one, but they seem to be the only ones that want...
  14. 🔥 Best Bronco accessory ever -- Bronco Trailer!

    I'd love to hear the story on the trailer. Hopefully the owner didn't end up buying / getting two hardtops with the foreknowledge that he would be chopping one up for a trailer.
  15. New 60 Day Push...WTH?

    The real kick in the nuts is going to be when they start clearing out these lots and realize that a number of them can't be sold as-is, whether it be hail or other storm damage, field mice chewing through wiring, making homes in seats, etc.
  16. Katzkin Leather Covers w/ Cooled & Heated Seats install

    That statement in the first post got me excited about the possibility of rear cupholders with my 'may never be built' Badlands, even went to and saw that it was shown on the cloth and MGV seats on the B&P even though they didn't show this option before. Cloth MGV Can anyone confirm...
  17. 53,000 Ford vehicles currently waiting for chips

    I would suspect that the Bronco should be getting all the love at MAP. I can't imagine there's a large demand for the Ranger since an all new version will be coming out next year. Anyone know what the current Ranger / Bronco production mix is at MAP?
  18. Question about carbon fiber package

    +1 on the vinyl wrap option. I was never a fan of the faux wood trim in my Jeep, so I wrapped it in 3M 1080 carbon fiber. Looks legit and even has visual 'depth'. I'm not sure what the quality of the Ford carbon fiber will be, but in the SRT Jeeps, it had a tendency to delaminate over time and...