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  1. Bronco Trail Sight Delete – Test Fitting

    Can we see a shot from the drivers seat?
  2. California WTB - Aeroskin II Hood Protector

    I'm in Los Angeles, looking to buy Aeroskin II only, not interested in the other one. They are $90 new so I'm looking to spend $100 with shipping or local pickup in/around Los Angeles. Thanks!
  3. Soft top separating / splitting / tearing issue!?! (Update. It got even worse!!)

    I've had my hardtop Bronco for 3 days and my sound deadening headliner is already starting to detach. I love every single other thing about my Bronco. But this is annoying. Attached is a pic & video. I made my own thread on this if any other hardtop owners are having this issue...
  4. Sound Deadening on hardtop detaching after 2 days of ownership

    Well, not loving this part. I enjoy every single second in the Bronco, I truly love it, but this is pretty annoying. It's been insanely hot in SoCal this week but this just shouldn't be happening after owning it for 2 days. Anyone else having this happen? I know the soft top crowd are having...
  5. Delfab Customizable Retro Mod "Ford" Grille

    Not just saying this, but I'm genuinely interested.
  6. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Play nice, boys!
  7. 🛠 4/4/22 build week group [now with Google doc]

    After 7 weeks of train travels from MI to CA including a total of 30 days completely stopped, today I finally took delivery of my Bronco. 713 days of waiting. And I am completely in love. I am completely complete. I am completely exhausted haha. You'll get em folks. And what I want to say next...
  8. 🛠 4/4/22 build week group [now with Google doc]

    UPDATE: Shipped 6 weeks ago, Michigan to San Diego, sat in a rail-yard in Arizona for 19 days, arrived in San Diego 10 days ago and hasn't moved a foot. Less than 10 miles from the dealership waiting on a truck. This is SUCH and insane process. So in total the Bronco has sat stagnant for a month!!!
  9. LSM7581 Race Red Bronco Build

    Role the dice! Easy enough to replace & just imagine how great it'd look! (Do it for the rest of us so we might attempt it :LOL:)
  10. LSM7581 Race Red Bronco Build

    Thinking I wanna see those flares painted black to match the grill. The grill looks incredible.
  11. The Boreal Base

    This thread rules. These pics are stunning, fun & refreshing. Following. Keep up the great work!
  12. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    PCH... whattup
  13. 700 Days Today!

    700 days for me as well today. Fortunately mine got to it's final train destination this morning. Now I get to wait on a truck to bring to dealer. But still... 700 days is a LONG time. Hang in there brothers & sisters. This company has to learn how to stop sticking it to us.
  14. 🛠 4/4/22 build week group [now with Google doc]

    Got a LITTLE positive update. Mine shipped well over a month ago, was parked on a train in Arizona for 19 days, finally made it to Barstow, CA yesterday on it's way to San Diego (175 miles) but the BAD NEWS is that I'm hearing it may sit in the Barstow rail-yard for anywhere from a few days to a...
  15. 🛠 4/4/22 build week group [now with Google doc]

    Mine has been parked in AZ for 18 days now. Shipped over a month ago. Get comfortable.
  16. 🛠 4/4/22 build week group [now with Google doc]

    Shipped a month ago, MI to San Diego, just got ANOTHER week push on delivery ETA. Looking at 5 weeks now. How is this even possi... eh never mind.
  17. 🛠 4/4/22 build week group [now with Google doc]

    Haha sorry dude! At least yours is going to TX. Wishing you all the best!
  18. 🛠 4/4/22 build week group [now with Google doc]

    Mine shipped May 11th. Almost a month ago. It has been parked in a rail yard in Berry, Arizona since May 25th. Parked... not moving an inch... for 2 weeks. Then once it arrives in SoCal who knows how long it'll take to get to the dealership. This Bronco thing is going to be the death of me...