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  1. 06/27/22 Build week group

    @sjp Was it really delivered to Granger?
  2. 6/20/22 Build Week Group

    @Swallace05 Looks great! Congrats. You built and shipped on the same week?
  3. 06/27/22 Build week group

    My BCE modules also popped. Tear tag says NDZ4
  4. 06/27/22 Build week group

    At stickerfab I got the Bronco Dash Inlay, and a couple of other inlays for the handle as well as the assorted labels for the auxiliary switches. I also forgot I have the Seatbelt retention buckles so that when the top and windows are open the buckles don't bang against the panels.
  5. 06/27/22 Build week group

    @Gracemy22 Items already purchased to mod my Bronco are 17" Black Venomrex Wheels and locking wheel lug nuts in black Stickerfab interior vinyl accents (misc) Weathertech floor mats and rear cargo liner mat Door sill protectors Fuse box labels Paracord grab handles 12" Screen protector Gear...
  6. 06/27/22 Build week group

    I am 252/1105 for today’s blend date. Those from the 6/20 build date did not receive any updates until Tuesday afternoon when their modules popped. Enjoy your day and hope for good news tomorrow.
  7. 06/27/22 Build week group

    @SpringBreak98 Thanks! Which tracker is the back door?
  8. 06/27/22 Build week group

    @SpringBreak98 Where are you seeing the STRT?
  9. 06/27/22 Build week group

    Mine is Badlands Sasquatch
  10. 06/27/22 Build week group

    Try My window sticker was not available at
  11. 06/27/22 Build week group

    What does 529/1105 mean? I am 252/1105
  12. LSM7581 Race Red Bronco Build

    @Lsm7581 Great build! How did you paint your grill?
  13. Colorado Group Buy with Granger

    @sjp What is your plan for break in during the drive home
  14. 06/06/22 Build Week Group

    Just got bumped again. From 6/6 to 6/13 to 6/27!!!!
  15. Roof & Door Storage rack custom build

    Nothing like sharing your "rack" with all your Bronco buddies! Looks great.
  16. Takeaways from Bronco Wildtrak w/ Hoss 3.0 suspension running in Mexico 1000

    Can we add these shocks to our Badlands aftermarket?
  17. Amazon roof lift kit for the win! $189

    What are the T Knobs for on the other kit?
  18. 06/06/22 Build Week Group

    Use the back door link.
  19. 👓 6/13/2022 Build Week Group 👓

    Another 6/6 here for the ride.