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  1. Stats show no losers between Bronco and Jeep so far. Just expanded offroad SUV segment 👍

    Very interesting, although I would think these numbers would be a little off with how difficult it is to actually get a Bronco. "The last nine months" have been atrocious for Ford. Along with the fact that Wrangler's have been around much longer and are much more accessible. I would trust the...
  2. Which Mudflaps Are These?

    Following, I'm also interested in getting some that aren't $400.
  3. What's up with Jeep guys

    Smile right back!
  4. Ford needs to know: 2023 Bronco Raptor Ford Dealership Order Disaster

    I read as much as I could or needed to. If your point was to call out a dealership that has lied and done you wrong, why protect their identity and info?
  5. Long time lurker

    Their emails/updates are just garbage and all over the place. I got my built email on 4/20 and got really excited... Until I called my dealer on my delivery date to get an update. On the order track site its showing my modules active and you can scroll for days... but he said my bronco was on a...
  6. Delivery how long after Build Date?

    Blend date was 4/8 for me... I got my built email on 4/19 and no other email since. I've been checking every now and then but it's difficult putting it out of mind when it's potentially so close.
  7. Blue Stitching & Accents Deleted. Green Stitches Added: Complete

    Base is pretty much black out. Neutral stitches, grab handles, interior colors, and grill.
  8. Integrated Roof/Windshield LED Light Bar System for 2021+ Ford Bronco

    I'm going to have to see it in person before I make a purchase. When I first saw this post I was on the fence but couldn't articulate why. These last couple examples are a perfect representation for said fence.
  9. 5-7 Day Nationwide Transport by StopwatchUSA

    Got it, thanks! This is my first new vehicle purchase so I'll admit i'm ignorant but I'm not beneath asking! :ROFLMAO:
  10. 5-7 Day Nationwide Transport by StopwatchUSA

    How does this work when most people still have to sign paperwork, financing, discuss warranty options, fight back on adm, you know the usual bronco stuff? You're delivering straight from MAP to house? I guess I could see this benefiting people who went out of state to order but they would still...
  11. Think twice before ordering from Panda Motorworks (cancellation fees on backorders)

    First off - google reviews are a dime a dozen and can easily be bought/manipulated. Secondly, I dont know you, nor did I say I did, nor did I assume that I did... I stated most people would be upset by this and you pull some weird red herring comeback, LOL nice! I did not say he handled it...
  12. Think twice before ordering from Panda Motorworks (cancellation fees on backorders)

    You said he agreed to wait and was fully understanding of the new product hence no mention of a fee. That's called an assumption. You just made the assumption that he "fully understood" everything concerning the new product, including the fee that your company would charge for this same product...
  13. Think twice before ordering from Panda Motorworks (cancellation fees on backorders)

    This is kinda shady though... You made the assumption that he knew it applied to all orders and he, and others, are saying it should apply to refunds of actually received products. If you told him the fee would be added whether or not the product was ever shipped or even produced do you believe...
  14. [RESOLVED!!!] After 2 years, my Bronco is finally here. Only to be greeted with a 48% markup.

    This man right here knows what’s up. I hope my dealership doesn’t do this… but if they do and if I need this awesome bronco army…. My reviews would stay whether I made a “deal” or not. Your deal is about as concrete as the initial “it’s only msrp pricing” was.
  15. [RESOLVED!!!] After 2 years, my Bronco is finally here. Only to be greeted with a 48% markup.

    Well done but I think the reviews should have stayed. Screw those people honestly…. You owe them nothing and they’ve given you nothing but grief and aggravation in an already frustrating market. With the reviews down they’ll have a chance to do this bullshit to some other poor guy just wanting a...
  16. Anyone know what this is?

    Following for derailment..... 🤫
  17. ADV Bronco Hardtop Pricing ANNOUNCED

    I’m sick and tired of people up charging bullshit because it’s for a “bRoNCo!” Especially when their Jeep tops are 2-3k. Will hold out for a less money hungry vendor.
  18. ⏱ Bronco Scheduling Next Week (1/24) For Build Weeks 3/7 Through 3/28

    Dang! I ordered mine on the 17th and still nothing :P In all seriousness, I really sympathize for those who’ve waited over a year and find it hard to believe Ford hasn’t fixed this already… will be my last Ford.