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  1. Someone old, something new, something cool, something blue

    illustration looks cool… who did that for you? (also loving the old&new pic)
  2. Family Road Trip to Yellowstone via Bronco Turns into Quite an Adventure

    Wow… your story is really making me excited for the eventual time I get my Bronco… photos look amazing.. thanks for sharing
  3. What 2023 new colors will some of us get to choose from?

    I could go with Kelly Green
  4. Custom 2-door seat delete load floor and slider

    This looks amazing… Is it pretty permanent or easy enough to put seats back if you need them ?
  5. 📈 Bronco April 2022 Sales: 13,113 Sold / 12,237 Produced

    Awesome thanks for clarifying - makes sense
  6. 📈 Bronco April 2022 Sales: 13,113 Sold / 12,237 Produced

    Thought the order banks closed in March… how do they have Bronco sales numbers for April? (Am I missing something)
  7. Ford Warranty - 3 year stock vs 7 year extended?

    Man, sorry to hear that… i hear galpin are big on the add-ons too
  8. Ford Warranty - 3 year stock vs 7 year extended?

    @nic_papagiorgio I see you’re in LA… care to share who you’re dealer was ?
  9. ⏱ Bronco Scheduling Next Week (4/18) For Build Weeks 5/30-6/27 and 7/11-7/25

    Great to see all the early res’s getting scheduled… fun times ahead
  10. Irish Pete

    SoCal Broncos

    Advantage Ford in Duarte… they seemed the most up front with their pricing and sales manager signed a no-adm no dealer adds for me… I only ordered in November ‘21 so I can’t confirm this will be the case when I receive… but I’m pretty confident in them so far
  11. Irish Pete

    SoCal Broncos

    I called them and they said they would charge me ADM on an order so I left it at that
  12. Does Ford have my order?

    Ah man your order is close to mine… 2dr cyber orange OBX auto (non-squatch) ordered on 11/22… to clarify I did get the same order confirmation email
  13. Does Ford have my order?

    Not sure that’s the case… my order does not show up which I think is super weird seeming that the section is called “reservations and ORDERS” !!! I called Ford and they told me it only shows up if you have a VIN… who knows!
  14. Current Ford Production Status: FULL production on 1/10

    I ordered from Advantage Ford in Duarte… they were more than happy to sign an agreement for msrp & no adm… I called/visited a few LA locations and most would not agree to do that
  15. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 1

    @ADV Fiberglass whats your production timeline on this ?
  16. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    This looks great… not familiar with FE interior trim - how much of the yellow trim is aftermarket?
  17. Bronco is a Beautiful Beast. My Dealer Delivered.

    Love your write up… and what a great Christmas present to receive 🎉
  18. @FORDBRONCO Questions

    Truth… triple production on bronco cup holders just doesn’t have the same impact
  19. @FORDBRONCO Questions

    Eric the plant manager says they’re gonna “triple production of Broncos in 2022”… any evidence of this so far in the scheduling for Jan/Feb ???