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  1. Well……. F! 5 car accident

    I’ve only had this thing for a few weeks and sure enough got rear ended last night. Person behind me slammed me into the car in front, and him into the car in front of him. Total of 5 cars involved. Luckily it’s still drivable, so I can limp it around while I wait for parts / body shop time...
  2. Brittany Blue Bronco Heritage Build

    How it started: and how it’s going: Mods so far: - ADV Fiberglass Fenders - Custom 1969 Brittany Blue paint - American Racing Outlaw II, +18 offset, 17” - J-Tops Bimini Shade - Wouxun kg1000-g GMRS radio - Brandmotion rear-view mirror/cam - ARB Twin compressor under hood mount...
  3. Fuse Taps - questions on install

    I’m about to install a few items - a Brandmotion camera mirror and a GMRS radio. The mirror (5A 12V tap) comes with the needed fuse taps and I figured that taps might be a good way to go to power my GMRS radio (15A 12V tap) because I want it tied to ACC, not direct to the battery. I’m looking...
  4. Colorado Sold: Rock Rails - 4dr w/ hardware

    OEM 4-Door Rock Rails for sale with hardware. Asking $250, no shipping.
  5. Colorado Sold: Badlands Sasquatch wheels w/ OEM tire and TPMS

    Just took these guys off, only 40 miles on them, spankin’ new! Set of 5 Badlands Sasquatch wheels with ring, OEM Goodyear Territory M/T tires, and TPMS. Asking $2000.
  6. Big Lift Railyard - Colorado

    Anyone who’s taken delivery in Colorado that went through the BNSF Big Lift railyard, how long was the wait from “released by customer” to pickup at your dealership?
  7. Anyone work car sales before? How’s it work?

    Just curious if anyone knew some details or had experience selling vehicles for a dealer before? The dealership buys the bronco from ford for invoice, then wants to sell it for as high as possible? How do the commissions work for the sales person? If there’s only a few grand between invoice...
  8. Um, what’s with this email?

    So my bronco has been built and shipped. It’s currently sitting at my local rail yard waiting for a truck to be delivered to my dealer. I just got an email from Ford showing that my bronco is in production and that it’s going through QA/QC? Anyone else get something similar?
  9. A-Pillar wire routing

    Anyone have experience or know the best way to rout a wire up the a-pillar? My GMRS radio has a detachable faceplate and I’d like to install it up near the aux switches, but im hesitant to run a relatively thick cat-5 cable up the a-pillar due to possible airbag interference. Tips or best...
  10. Garage Tools

    For those that do your own work on your rigs, what are some tools that you feel are must-haves in your garage? Any tools that really save you a lot of time / effort / headaches?
  11. Does the Fishbone Offroad shackle license plate mount block parking sensors?

    I purchased the Fishbone shackle-mounted license plate bracket and as I wait for my ride to show up, I wonder if anyone else has installed it? It’s pretty adjustable, but does it get in the way of the parking sensors? I get enough false alarms with those when they ice over, trying to avoid a...
  12. ADV Fenders Install?

    Has anyone installed the ADV Fiberglass fenders yet? Looks relatively straight forward, but curious if there are any lessons learned, how to prep for paint etc.
  13. Script Emblem Installation Template

    With BroncoDepot seemingly out of business and website down, did anyone happen to download the template to install their script emblem?
  14. Aftermarket Rear Bumpers with Tire Mount ?

    Anyone seen any aftermarket bumpers out yet that have a rear tire mount? I think it would save some long term issues with the door hinges, especially if other items like rotopax etc are adding weight to the tire.
  15. What color scheme would you do?

    So I’m ordering my bronco with Oxford white. My plan has always been to get a custom paint job in old school brittany blue. Eventually there may be a white hard top available, which could sway this decision. My question to the group here, cuz I’m 50/50 on this right now - if you were to go...
  16. GMRS Antennas

    Anyone have experience with GRMS antennas? I appreciate they need to be tuned to the frequencies you’re looking to use. I really like the look of the low profile stubby antennas, but not sure if or how you’d tune one of them. Do they sacrifice performance at all for looks? I see...
  17. Aftermarket power folding mirrors?

    Anyone heard of companies working on aftermarket power folding mirrors? I’ve gotten used to having them on my rigs and would appreciate an option to swap out the stock mirrors.
  18. Anyone know of a garage height warning sensor?

    I’ve measured the height of my garage door, and with the Sas package, I’ll have only a few inches to spare. I plan to use some sort of Yakima box or roof rack at various times, but I just know I’m gonna forget about it and slam it into the top of my garage as I pull in. Does anyone know of a...