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  1. Which "street friendly" Bronco looks the best?

    This is definitely a subjective thread and I think there are plenty of "correct" answers, and I've seen a ton of gorgeous builds that I'd be happy to own/drive. Personally the OBX works best for me, but I would change out to the BD Aluminum wheels and black flares. I must say that the elitist...
  2. Georgia Black Diamond 5/tires and wheels mid package $1070

    Gah! If only you were a bit closer. :confused:
  3. License Plate Light Holding Water

    I'm thinking. Will probably have to take the bumper off to check it out. :/
  4. License Plate Light Holding Water

    Hey Folks, Has anyone seen or experienced their License Plate Light holding water? I haven't done anything unusual for this to happen either. No river/creek crossings! 😜
  5. Raptor Color Choice

    My opinion, I always go for that "exclusive" color so Code Orange is a strong choice. I went on Ford's page and started building one. The Cyber Orange looks great with the amber LEDs and the Eruption Green looks flat out muscular.
  6. Ford Bronco Accessory / Parts Deal -- B6G Forum Members ONLY

    Really liking how that looks on the White & Cyber Orange Broncos. I've got an Eruption Green and with the painted flares, I'm not quite sure how it will look.
  7. Curt Hitch 13493 on 2022 BD

    I've got the Rough Country Hitch and removed the bumper for the install. Removing the rear bumper is fairly easy and only added maybe another 20min to the overall install time. I've seen manufacturing issues with BOTH the Curt and Rough Country Hitches where either the gap to fit was either...
  8. Ford Performance Borla Exhaust on my 2.7L Badlands - sound clip video

    Cabin noise seems to be a very common "complaint." I've heard it's because the Bronco is designed to let some engine noise in? Wondering if there is any truth to that rumor.
  9. The Adventure Begins

    PICs or it didn't happen! :p
  10. Bass blockers in dash really needed?

    Yeah. I snapped the bottom portion off the driver side dash speaker panel and had to order a replacement. :/
  11. Michigan WTB: Black Diamond Wheels and Tires

    Hello @Skipdaddie - are these still for sale?
  12. Dealer Wheel Take Offs?

    Hiya All, Curious if anyone "knows" what Dealers do with Wheel/Tire take offs. When you see Dealers take stock Broncos and upgrade the tires/wheels to create a "package" does anyone know what they do with the take offs? Curious here because I'd love to get my hands on a set of Black Diamond...
  13. aFe High tuck cat back exhaust for 2.3 installed

    Not that I would consider in my budget. I don't want to drop $1,000 on a muffler, and I don't think we can get anything like an interesting growl out of a 2.3L 4 cylinder for less.
  14. aFe High tuck cat back exhaust for 2.3 installed

    The aFe stuff is quality and install is easy plus the sound profile is just about perfect. FYI - I'm selling an aFe Vulcan Axle-Back, my wife just doesn't care for it unfortunately...
  15. Regrets??

    I love my OBX "Mallsquatch" with HD Mod Bumper, Roast Leather, & AUX Switches. A hard top would be nice, but Ford doesn't seem to have those figured out yet.
  16. OMG! Dropped my door reinstalling after removal! Damage photos

    The Bronco doors are way easier to take off & move around vs. the Wrangler doors. Ford put a nice lift/hold spot at the bottom inside of each door + being frameless. I dropped & creased one of our old Wrangler doors last summer. :( Now that vehicle is gone.
  17. Start of the modern old school build

    Is that the Raptor Grille? I've got an OBX and am looking to put the Black Diamond (Matte Black) grille on mine. Went with the Black Bronco Emblem.
  18. Operation Next Best Thing 😀

    Per @bytheway , sounds like it might be a "High Package" feature. My OBX has the Mid.