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  1. Family Road Trip to Yellowstone via Bronco Turns into Quite an Adventure

    @bsmith922 Way to make the most of an unplanned situation! Glad you got to see Badlands National Park. It's truly amazing, and I can't wait to take our Badlands, well, to the Badlands! We're planning a big trip to the west/southwest at some point from Illinois, so thanks for sharing your...
  2. What's everyone doing with their antenna?

    I just ordered the Cravenspeed Stubby, won't miss the OEM antenna at all.......
  3. BigBadBluBronc

    Chicago Area Broncos

    Congratulations! What a beautiful beast!
  4. Riding the TWAT (Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail)

    My wife and I and the dogs spent Memorial Day weekend riding the southern portion of the Trans WI Adventure Trail. I'm just now posting as it's been crazy at work lately. The areas we traveled were the section that runs through Iowa and then into southwest Wisconsin. GPS helped a lot as there...
  5. Bronco vs Blazer: Death of the Bowtie

    I couldn't agree more! I had an '84 C-10 Blazer that was awesome! I honestly don't know what Chevy is thinking. Call that thing something else, don't bastardize the Blazer name! My Bronco is also the first Ford I've ever owned...... Happy with my Blue Oval so far!
  6. Let’s see your favorite picture of your Bronco!

    On the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail over Memorial Day Weekend....
  7. Northern Illinois

    I have not tried Sport Mode, or any modes for that matter. Heading up to WI this weekend for Memorial Day Weekend, hope to find some fun places to play and learn about the different functions. Yeah, with gas prices, I'll definitely try out the Eco Mode, haha.
  8. Northern Illinois

    Hello, we have very similar builds! Apparently I'm not the only Bronco in the area with a manual.. I've put only ~600 miles on my rig so far. I absolutely love the manual transmission, so glad I got it, as I was really on the fence. I'm in the Batavia/North Aurora area, but frequent Wheaton...
  9. Northern Illinois

    Yes, I ordered my Bronco from Gerald in October, 2021 and it was delivered in April. Generally I had a very good experience at Gerald, namely, no dealer markup which is sadly all too common. There are a lot of dealer add-ons which will start to add up quickly, but the "lifetime warranty" is a...
  10. Bronco and F150 arrive damaged 😡

    My Badlands had two deep scratches in the rear drivers side door. Scratches were to the metal. Ugh. The paint shop took nearly 3 weeks to get it right, they apparently had to repaint twice, as the color "wasn't right" after their first attempt. Delivery company said it came from the factory...
  11. When did you order your Bronco and has it come?

    Ordered 10/15/2021, arrived 4/2/2022. I nor my dealership had no idea it was being delivered until the trailer showed up.
  12. 🛠 3/21/22 Build Week Group

    This was the only info I received prior to my Bronco being delivered. I got this info from my dealership on Feb 17th. On Saturday, 4/2/22 it was delivered. Neither me nor my dealership had any idea it was to be delivered. What a nice surprise! Interesting reading the various experiences...
  13. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco?

    What are your thoughts on GOAT AF ?
  14. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco?

    I somehow got away with this in Illinois.... Now I'm trying to figure out something clever for my Bronco....
  15. Rokblokz mudflaps installed on Bronco

    I check their site daily to see about availability, no luck yet, but I will definitely be purchasing when available.
  16. Hello Bronco Enthusiasts!

    Yes, I'm very glad to have opted for the wheel/tire upgrade.
  17. Hello Bronco Enthusiasts!

    Hi everyone! A crazy thing happened this past weekend. My Bronco was delivered to my local dealership! Neither I or anyone at the dealership had any idea it would arrive so soon, as I only ordered in October, 2021. I was contacted on Saturday morning, but I was out of town, so I went on Monday...