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  1. Whoa, Nellie! Avg monthly payment > $700.

    I only financed $20k of my Bronco (at 2.5%) so I could throw $20k in I-Bonds currently at 9.6%. Not all financing or leverage is stupid.
  2. 🛠 4/4/22 build week group [now with Google doc]

    Love seeing all the built emails for some of our most active 4/4 week folks who were unlucky and forced to wait this long! Taking my baby to Big Bear Lake for the 4th weekend.
  3. Early peek @ LIGHT BLUE 2023 Bronco Color, Heritage Edition w/ Squared Flares and Painted MOD Hard Top!

    Came here to say exactly this but you beat me to it!
  4. My custom Sleeping Platform / Storage Area

    Awesome! Was looking for a project to do with my son and this is perfect. What size mattress fits?
  5. Bronco Pricing Forecast

    I think they will do even better than the Wranglers in resale for at least several years. There are a TON of Wranglers out there but Broncos will remain scarce so as long as demand remains even middling the market is in favor of being a Bronco owner, not a Bronco buyer.
  6. Marmot coupon code from OffRoadeo

    My wife and I received a bag of goodies at Moab OffRoadeo, including a coupon from Marmot for 25% off. Now I’m actually buying some Marmot stuff for a trip this Sept and can’t find the coupon and coupon code. Anyone have it?!
  7. 🛠 4/4/22 build week group [now with Google doc]

    Just passed 1000 miles on my Bronco and loving every second of it. Keep the faith!
  8. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Well done!
  9. Family Road Trip to Yellowstone via Bronco Turns into Quite an Adventure

    What an awesome trip! We’ve done AZ up through Bryce, Zion, Vegas, Moab, Yellowstone, Badlands, etc but not in the new Bronco yet. Planning a Yosemite and Big Bear trip. Can’t wait to see where this thing will take us over the next decade!
  10. 3500 miles in 7 days. 'My Impressions" and Comparisons (from a 20+ Jeeps veteran)

    Awesome trip! I give a ton of weight to your impressions in the Jeep vs Bronco debate, as you’ve owned so many Jeeps. I’ve had Wranglers, 4Runners and 2 old Broncos back in the day. I’m a bit shocked you handed brakes to the Jeep! Braking hard in my Wranglers was terrifying, with shudder, front...
  11. Arizona roll call!

    I wasn’t eligible for the March 19 price protection, but they initially charged the 22.5 price instead of what was on my original order sheet. Nice mustang! Our Tempe stable has one too.
  12. Arizona roll call!

    I used Earnhardt and they didn’t add anything (I made clear I didn’t want anything, not even a sticker or license plate frame). They did miss the price guarantee but went back and fixed it immediately. Had a small scratch on the roll bars, which I noticed days after delivery when I took the soft...
  13. Retro Bronco Badge Question

    Never hurts to post here and see if anyone has an old Bronco Depot set they haven’t used. Thats how I got mine a few months ago, and they look perfect and we’re an easy instal.
  14. Regrets??

    None. I would have a few regrets if I had stuck with my original Wildtrak build. I wanted SAS, but didn’t want or need sway bar disconnect, and while I love MGV in theory here in AZ MGV and leather are just too hot. I went WT but then switched to OBX optioned up to the gills once I saw the...
  15. Wide Open throttle in BAJA MODE! 80+Mph in the sand with Wildtrak Bronco!

    Donut mode! Makes you feel like a teenager again, doesn’t it? 8 min mark at 80+ mph looked crazy!
  16. Bronco Eddie retro vinyl wrap kit: photos and info

    Oh man, I had the dark green and tan Eddie Bauer edition Bronco II in college ‘90-93. Brings back memories! My current wife and I spent a lot of time in the back of that thing!
  17. Who is Paying These Used Bronco Prices??????

    My daughter just finished working as a personal assistant for a somewhat-famous woman married to a top Hollywood agent who represents a slew of actors you’d all recognize. A few months ago he was on the phone in the $14 million dollar Malibu home they live in and he was telling some buyer agent...
  18. Crooked Retro Badge drives you crazy?

    Looks fine, and the Broncos are not level as well, which makes the badges look off to those of us who line them up with the body lines, as we should.
  19. 🛠 4/4/22 build week group [now with Google doc]

    Congrats on receiving your Bronco! For flaps, I hated the closeup shots of the Weathtechs when they came out, but then saw them in person and actually liked them. Got a $40 pair made to fit perfect on SAS OBX with side step, just for the fronts, and love them. Don’t even notice them any more...