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  1. California WTB - Aeroskin II Hood Protector

    I'm in Los Angeles, looking to buy Aeroskin II only, not interested in the other one. They are $90 new so I'm looking to spend $100 with shipping or local pickup in/around Los Angeles. Thanks!
  2. Sound Deadening on hardtop detaching after 2 days of ownership

    Well, not loving this part. I enjoy every single second in the Bronco, I truly love it, but this is pretty annoying. It's been insanely hot in SoCal this week but this just shouldn't be happening after owning it for 2 days. Anyone else having this happen? I know the soft top crowd are having...
  3. NON-Squatch Wildtrak (VIDEO)

    This is a trip. A non-squatch Wildtrak in Lebanon. In the beginning of the video he says in Lebanon the 2-dr doesn't get Sasquatch for some reason. Anyway, the rest of the video is standard but I thought that was super odd. Might be a collector's item. I would not want it however haha.
  4. Night Mode / Dark Mode for display screen automatic or selectable?

    Can anyone confirm if the screen has night/dark mode either automatic or selectable? I usually prefer the Night Mode 24/7. If so I'd love to see some pics of how it looks. Thanks!
  5. Eruption Green sunlight to shade VIDEO

    Hey folks. Had the pleasure of attending a Bronco off-road event in Los Angeles the other day, and they had the jerry cans out. Since the EG is my favorite color (EG BD on order) I wanted to see up-close what it does going from sunlight to shade. Pretty interesting color & great in person. Check...
  6. Bronco 2 Door Off Roading and Walk Around by AutoEdits Jason (Race Red)

    This guy has a great Jeep page. Super likable, knowledgeable friendly dude. He got his hands on a couple Broncos. More videos coming it seems but his insight is usually pretty great. Enjoy!
  7. Height measurement of spare tire on Sasquatch anyone?

    Long time member. Don't give me the cute "have you tried the search function" response. Yes, I've tried it extensively with multiple wordings. Anyone know the height of the spare tire on a Sasquatch? Trying to figure out if I'm backing into or pulling into the garage. Thanks for any help.
  8. Ford lowering Bronco price instead of X-Plan, claims dealer

    So, just spoke to my dealer. I've been asking him the last couple weeks about matching X-plan pricing & I kept being told he's looking into it. Finally today he said "The solution Ford came up with they're lowering prices on the vehicles" and when I asked if that was across the board or select...
  9. Bitter Bronco guy calls us out LOL

    This guy is good for a laugh. Not sure I've ever seen a more bitter person in my life. Anyone down for a Bronco parade past his trailer? HAHAHA
  10. Trading Parts with 6G Members

    Well, step one is complete. Reservations made. I know some of us will be getting factory parts we'll be replacing with aftermarket upgrades. I hope that we all check in here first to see if anyone near us needs anything before we sell elsewhere. Whether it's tires, wheels, roofs, seats, etc. I...