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  1. 6/20/22 Build Week Group

    My modules just came on. No tear tag yet, no email. Blend 6/23 766/1039
  2. 6/20/22 Build Week Group

    I am right behind you in sequence. Same deal. No movement.
  3. LSM7581 Race Red Bronco Build

    Looks great. Any rubbing? Can I see a shot down the side to see the tire poke with the +18 wheel?
  4. 6/20/22 Build Week Group

    I am in Michigan so you are saying there is a chance…. 7/20/20 reservation 6/23/22 build date No window sticker yet.
  5. ⏱ Limited Bronco Scheduling Next Week (5/23) For Build Week June 27

    I got scheduled also! Badlands, lux, soft top, 2.7 Reservation 7/20/20 Small dealership who has been great throughout the process.
  6. Placed order. Got email and nothing further

    Don’t worry, you will soon start to get invited to the bronco off rodeo every Thursday.
  7. Broke my Bronco’s tie rod on rack and pinion 🤬

    You lost me when you praised the FJ.
  8. Phone Call From Dealer

    I wish this was true. I switched to a soft top when Ford suggested it would help with a build date. Nothing. I am a week 1 reservation.
  9. From Ford: all currently built Broncos at factory have new MIC hardtops and will ship by end of year

    And that is the best production quality that a billion dollar company could muster? I am pretty sure 2 junior high kids could have put something better together over lunch. And as far as information, give us some idea of dealers allocation numbers and we could maybe figure out something.
  10. Calendar gift received from Ford, with invite to satisfaction survey - Here's the Link 🔗

    Wait a second, are you saying that Mitchell Watts is actually 6’3”? He seems like the type to add an inch or two to me.
  11. Bronco 2.3L vs. Wrangler 3.6 V6 vs. Wrangler 2.0L drag race

    I drive a 4cyl Jeep with 33s and it is faster than the the 2.7 v6 bronco that I have driven (and ordered). But it sounds absolutely awful. Either way it doesn’t really matter. We are buying these for drag racing.
  12. Hood / Fender alignment

    I test drove one yesterday and was surprised how obvious that was from the drivers seat. I searched on here and found this thread to see if it was normal. I was not a fan.
  13. Water leaking from A-pillar airbag cover in heavy rain

    This is a common thing with F150s also. But it usually only happens if the drain lines are not attached or plugged.
  14. Soft top with rear open on Badlands Bronco

    I have owned 3 Jeeps. A 94 YJ, a 97 TJ and a 18 JLU. The JLU top blows the others away. I have dual tops and the soft top is probably quieter than than the hard top. You can put it completely back up in 6-7 mins compared to 20+ from the previous zipper versions of Jeep’s past. It is also very...
  15. Antimatter Blue Bronco Preproduction First Look! 4 Door Big Bend Model

    That’s how every soft top looks when brand new. Give it a few hours in the sun and all the wrinkles will be gone. At least that’s what happened with my last two Jeeps.
  16. Round 2 of hacked Bronco build & price configurator looks at all trims

    Is that same view available for the 4 door?
  17. Bucking the Sasquatch Fever

    Do you think the fact that Bronco has Sync 4 will be an issue here? Or at least for a few months until forscan updates?