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  1. Easter egg? -- QR code above rear view mirror

    Don't think I have seen this posted yet. Above the rear view mirror is a QR code. When I scan mine it returns a date and time. Anyone know the significance of the date? Mine appears to be before my build date.
  2. Soft top security with enclosure

    Just got my rig and installed my cargo area enclosure. I was thinking there might be a way to leave the doors unlocked but the tailgate locked to keep my stuff secure. With the soft top I was wanting to leave it unlocked so top wouldn't get cut if someone wanted in. Is there a way to configure...
  3. News: Dual Tops Option Will Be Late Availability

    More bad news.... From Bronco Nation: This article has been updated with new information that has been confirmed to Bronco Nation by Ford Motor Company, namely, that the dual top option for the 2021 Ford Bronco has now been categorized as “Late Availability”. Bronco brand has announced some...
  4. Drive your next meeting - Bronco background

    Just saw this, wasn't quite apparent it was for more than just the mustang. Imagine my surprise when I saw the bronco backgrounds: