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  1. Ford Canvas Bimini Top - Installed Quick Look

    Part # VM2DZ54500W00C 2 Door Ford Accessories Bronco 2Dr 2021 Soft Canvas Bimini Top ~ VM2DZ54500W00C ( Current Price $ 288.15 It's a Bestop product and I can only assume that it is the same as shown on the 2022 B & P. I installed it with the back shell on ( because you can ) ...
  2. Soft Canvas Bimini cheaper on Ford Accessories than 2022 B & P

    @BronchoPeat Posted the above today. The Soft Canvas Bimini for 2 & 4 door is now available at Ford accessories : Bimini Top - Soft, Canvas, For 2-Door ~ VM2DZ54500W00C ( Bimini Top - Soft, Canvas, For 4-Door ~ VM2DZ54500W00D ( Turns out it's cheaper here than the 2022 B & P...
  3. Ford's MY22 FAQ for Bronco Existing Order Holders

    This Link to Ford's website provides indepth FAQ including Price Protection Chart Bronco Order Holder Frequently Asked Questions - FAQS | Ford US What are the 2022 MY MSRP price protection amounts by series for Bronco two and four-door? Bronco two-door Bronco four-door Base $800 $250...
  4. Bronco Reservations Resume October. MY2022 Order Bank Also Opens in October.

    The Detroit News article by Jordyn Grzelewski on the restart of Bronco online reservations. Ford pauses online reservations for the Bronco ( Ford pauses online reservations for the Bronco amid production delays August 30, 2021 Ford Motor Co. has temporarily stopped taking...
  5. 1st Month In - Minor Issues- Comments

    I'll keep it short- 2 Door BaseSasquatch - 2.7 L 19.3 MPG on 2300 miles People are going to be pissed off when they finally get some seat time in their Broncos. Pissed that they didn't get their rigs sooner. I would like to tell you it's worth the wait, but it wouldn 't help you get it any...
  6. Broncos at the Beach- A Photo Thread

    Cape May Point
  7. Running 4A all the time?

    Besides gas mileage, is there any known issues with running 4A in Normal mode all the time? Thanks
  8. How to videos- August 25th live feed info Light on content at this time. Quick reference QR code.
  9. Detailed Roof Rack Dimensions & diagram -- 2021 Bronco 2-Door

    As requested, I made a rough sketch of the Roof Rack Dimensions. @dejones64 ID between the rails = 38 1/2" Rail length between caps = 56 3/4" Center between fixed back cross rail to mid cross rail = 27 1/2" Center between Mid cross mount and Front cross mount = 27 1/2" Photo shows the tie-off...
  10. MIC Top -Day 2 comments & pics

    MIC top looks good except for the back horizontal edge of the roof portion of the top. It's just the back as the sides of the roof portion appear to have the edge painted. The photo is of the worse 6 inches +/-. ( its above the back wiper as the flat roof rolls down ) Removed the front panels...
  11. 2 Door BaseSquatch Delivered. Timeline, Q & A, Notes From First 100 miles

    2.7L -HD bumpers- VB- Aux Switches With the following, I am trying to provide mostly new infomation and not repeat others. Size- The specs fail to convey the size of the Sasquatch. I saw the 4 Door BL Overlander and the 2 Door BL ( both non-Sasquatch ) at Supercel East last fall. I also saw...
  12. Known Issues- Pre Delivery QA List

    A thread listing issues with delivered Broncos. A member based QA on delivery fit and finish.
  13. Those with Vins- What's your Top

    Forum builds with Vins approaching 1000, looking to get a Top type count. Maybe this can help others when making build changes.
  14. 41% in WBDO orders are not buildable. Build estimate email after May 11th ?

    Interesting post by @flip regarding dealers cleaning up WBDO orders by May 11th.
  15. All 2.3Ls will be built in MY21?

    Is it possible that every ordered 2.3L will be built in MY21 ? Setting aside the 9-18 break-off and timestamps. Using the Bronco6g current 2.3L take rate of 24.5%- 60K MY21 production- 114K converted orders ( 60% of 190K will convert- "Ford-about half will get MY22" ) 114,000 x 24.5% = 27,930...
  16. Printing a B & P for your dealer? Don't use MS Edge browser

    The B & P print to PDF doesn't work well with MicroSoft Edge browser. For some reason Page 1 does not generate all the build data. Chrome works.
  17. Will all MY21 be in the WBDO system by 2-1-21 ?

    With about a 60k MY21 run and reports of 30% dealer allocations, it wouldn’t take long to hit the MY21 allocations being entered. How long will take to enter 30-60-150 converted orders? Maybe a week to 10 days.
  18. Report: More Bronco Allocations For Dealers Who Upgrade Their Showrooms

    Dealers that invest in Bronco Showroom upgrades will get a few more MY2021 Allocations Ford Dealers That Upgrade Their Showrooms Will Get More Broncos To Sell This will help dealers keep up with...
  19. B&P Update: Sasquatch Pricing on Base 2-Door and Big Bend Now $7385

    Looking like the updates are happening. Price break down for adding Sasquatch package to a 2-Door Base and Big Bend is now:
  20. 12-21 B & P Flaws only List

    Let help Ford by listing the Flaws in the new B & P