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  1. Hello to Broncos at Cannon Crossings spotted over weekend

    If the owners of the red and the cyber orange Broncos are on here. Hello from the NY velocity blue Black Diamond that drove by this morning.
  2. Tailgate configuration

    never mind.
  3. What are the chances?

    I went for bloodwork today and this is what they used. I guess the Bronco is in my blood.
  4. What does "ford cv lot management" on DORA mean?

    I noticed a new line on my DORA. Anybody know what “ ford cv lot management” means.
  5. Rock Rails for on the Black Diamond for 2022

    I was just in the 2022 Build and Price and the rock rails are missing on the Black Diamond. Is this a B&P glitch or are they removing them as a standard feature. It sounds like they should be an accessory or an additional credit should be issued if they changed the configuration and I'll buy...
  6. Why buy accessories now?

    Why are people buying tires and wheels for a vehicle they might not see for two years. The way this rollout is going better aftermarket equipment will be available if/when they take delivery. I’m saving the garage space and waiting.
  7. Did anyone's status change?

    My order status changed for "Place Order" in progress changes from a green check mark to a blue "in progress". I did receive an order confirmation email from Ford originally. I save copies of every status so no I have records of every change.
  8. Waiting for my new ride.

    At the beach waiting for my new ride. Beautiful night.
  9. Nikiski AK

    I a little off the beaten path in Nikiski AK
  10. Any Broncos hit OKTS (OK To Ship) status yet?

    Have any Broncos received an OK to Ship yet?
  11. Trailer hitch commodity - Is the hitch on the demos the production version?

    My friend just bought anew Rubicon a few days ago. He removed the hitch from his old Jeep and it’s sitting on his garage floor. It bolts through the rear cross member with four bolts. This hitch looks exactly like the hitch on the demos going around the country. Is the hitch on the demos the...
  12. Ford’s new products

    How can Ford introduce the F150 Lightning and the “more of road capable” Explorer when they can’t even a produce the product they have 100,000 + orders for. I can only shake my head in disbelief.
  13. In the meantime

  14. MAP Employees Confirm 2021 Bronco Hits Full Production August 2. Job 1 Still Starts May 3

    Update: Added key production dates / schedule memo: 2021 Ford Bronco Full Production Confirmed to Start on August 2nd April 26, 2021 we have learned new details about the Bronco’s production schedule. Job 1 is on track for May 3rd, as previously reported, and full production will start on...
  15. Getting a MY21 or MY 22

    It seems that if someone gets bumped to a MY22 other than reviewing your order in a modification window that ford will make the model years decision. Any input on this?
  16. Squatch sticker

    I saw this on a hiking site.
  17. Dealer ordered

    Found this on a local dealer's website.
  18. Order status

    I called my dealer to order my Outer Banks and was told the initial production run period was closed. The next order window will be in December for delivery in March of 2022. Can I place an order now for the second run or do I have to wait? My reservation is still active. Thanks in advance.