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  1. I know Ford had to cut corners to keep costs down…

    …but even if you just stare at the plastic interior the wrong way it will form and show scratches along with scuff marks. That’s how bad and cheap it is.
  2. Soft top interior seal coming unglued.

    Anybody else having the interior of the soft top where it connects on the inside right above the seats coming unglued? Happened to me yesterday for the first time. Luckily I was able to seal it back for now. Not sure if it’s due to the heat or something else.
  3. Photos from Bronco Supercel East Today

    A few pics from today:
  4. Best sound settings for B&O lux package.

    Stereo or surround? Fade location? Speed compensation of off, low, medium, or high? Treble, midrange, and bass settings? Where do I place all of these to get the best sound? I’m stoopid. 😭
  5. NY Post article on Bronco MSRP being jacked up at dealership.

    Saw this on the front page of NY Post’s website:
  6. Save 15% on Ford accessories email.

    Anybody else just get this?
  7. Bronco Flag is in next package from Ten10

  8. I’ve had more than one person think my Bronco is a Jeep…

    …and the worst part about it is they weren’t even joking. WTF? :mad:
  9. 🛠 Official 2021+ Bronco Equipment Installation Guide [PDF]

    Yay: PDF file if original link doesn’t download for you...
  10. Article: Bronco reservations could be delayed for years.

    Yay: Original: Update: Autoblog article...
  11. Did you get pushed to 2022?

    Another poll from the prarie dog. Curious to see how many people got the push.
  12. Awesome dealership experience w/ Benson Ford in Easley, SC

    Too many negative threads about terrible dealerships lately. Figured it was time for a positive one about a great dealership. Shout out to Benson Ford in Easley, SC for the great customer service when picking up my Bronco today. They were quick, efficient and went over everything very clearly...
  13. Will you be taking your Bronco off road?

    Why or why not? Going over curbs at the mall and Starbucks does not count. And yes another poll from the ground hog. 😁 **the last one should say “needs more cup holders.”**
  14. Lilj4425’s therapy thread.

    Are you angry, mad, depressed, sad, confused, etc that you haven’t received your Bronco yet? Do you have nightmares at night regarding your Bronco or dreams about what that creature is in my avatar? Well, this is the thread for you. Go ahead and let it all out. Me and the guinea pig are here for...
  15. “Exciting times are coming for Ford Motor Company.”

    ;) :rolleyes: Exciting times ahead for all you MIC top holders: 😁
  16. Eruption Green. Pics inside.

    New color from Ford. Thoughts?
  17. I still haven’t seen a single Bronco out in public

    I still haven’t seen a single Bronco out in public yet. The only times I have seen one are at events and dealerships. Why are you people with Broncos hiding for? Release the kraken already.
  18. No Bronco scheduling until at least 9/2???

    Is this right or am I reading it wrong?