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  1. How to break in a new Manual?

    Since I never got a brand new Manual, not sure how to go about the break in procedure. I don't baby my vehicles, maybe an Italian Tune up but otherwise just drive it normally when I get them new, but then with an OEM Clutch, isn't it the first 200 city miles and then you're good? Any pro's...
  2. SFW memes

    If you want risqué, meme's JLWrangler and Mustang6g forums are more tolerant, but that aside, need to provide laughs Considering how things are here, I'll post more later, but for now, enjoy
  3. Why didn't I think of this sooner?!

    How many 4dr JK/JL's do you see with their V6's on 35's+? Obviously they can be modded, but how many are just left alone powertrain wise? Think about it before you ask about "4dr 4cyl" *Mic Drop* Translation: For all the people wondering if the 4banger on the 4dr will be enough, look at all...
  4. Thought I had it figured out, now back to square one (BL vs BD)

    Long and short, was all set with Manual Badlands+Mid, until I saw Co-pilot was bundled with it, and after reading it: So now back to square one, the good ole Badlands vs Black Diamond. Gonna keep it barebones options wise, really just Rapid Red, and wondering whether it's worth the $6k...
  5. Tell me about Gulfport Mississippi

    Long story short, my Friend thinks we're in Goodfellas where the guys and their women go on vacations and chose Miami in April without "Does this work for you guys" and no consideration for our budgets, so I haven't informed him yet that I'm out. Still, gives me the idea to travel next year...
  6. Stuck in time Only point I'll disagree with is if you take some "Woke" non-binary millennial who's triggered by everything back to '05, they'd have a nuclear meltdown due to how no one gave a shit back then, or at least, HS kids didn't Still, interesting...
  7. The "Where to get my car worked on" Thread

    Because in the future, there'll be robots people will be asking "Where can I go for [Mods/Tuning/Ext/Interior/Wheels/Lifts/etc]", so figure let's get a heads start: JDM Engineering in Freehold NJ Krazy House Customs in Monroe NJ Unfortunately I gotta head out, but figure I'd get the ball...
  8. Is it possible to DIY MyColor

    Obviously need to solder, but taking the Speedometer out and adding different LEDs are the relatively easy part But how about for the digital speedo? Only thing I hate is white lights, so bland, generic and boring
  9. Hate when it's only a good dream

    I was screwing with the b&p and came across a base model only option, "Very Base" that included a Mustang style non-digital speedo with my color, and simpler stuff, less Gizmo's and more barebones Would have gone with it for the MyColor Speedometer alone, why can't we have awesome stuff like that?
  10. Guess what day it is?

    My 32nd birthday! Just wanted to share the bad news with you guys :p
  11. The stupid questions thread

    Ask anything you want a one and done answer for, then move on to the next question Does having the winch affect airflow to the intercooler, or am I just paranoid?
  12. What will the kids remember more?

    Im a long way out from even asking this, but I figure someone else isn't and will stumble upon this. Obviously kids remember things growing up, but what type of vehicles will they remember more? Dads bitching Camaro, off-roading in the Jeep, wrenching on the classic muscle, the drop top or him...
  13. Let's cut to the chase, who's modding?

    After seeing people asking about is the 2.3/2.7 good enough, I'm starting to wonder if they're even interested in modding, and if so, what? So, here we are with this new thread, asking the simple question, are you modding and if so, what? I'm hardly keeping it stock, how about you?
  14. OEM+ HPP Turbo Swap?

    Now obviously, you might want to do a few supporting mods on top of it, like Intercooler/charge pipes and whatnot, but who else would want to swap the upgraded turbo in and would it be straight forward or naw?
  15. If I had a $1 everytime someone asked if the 2.3 was enough...

    Also includes questions about reliability, ecoboom and direct injection
  16. Got the TJ out of my system

    As I was waiting for an Oil Change, saw this creampuff and had to experience it. '05 w/a 6spd, 68k miles, hence the price. I drove a JK and JL with stick before, so I expected the higher catch point, though I was a bit thrown off by the coarseness and roughness of the 4 litre. Not exactly...
  17. Events to do and visit across America

    From well known stuff to Mardi Gras to low key secrets you'd share with just us, figure why not share them here, as well as your experiences. Unfortunately, can't keep myself awake right now, so more gonna leave this open ended for you guys, but definitely enjoy!
  18. Where have you been to?

    Typing this as I'm working, so I'll get into details later. As I said, where have to been to in this great big world of ours? NYC (5 boroughs) NY State (Fishkill, Poughkeepsie, Lake George, soon Montessori for the Porsche Event, forget where else) MA CT (looks at jobs) NH (Job up there, went...
  19. Which state would fit the bill?

    I love Texas, but I hate humidity Liked Colorado, but it's turning blue from what I hear (this is as political as I'll get here, more I want to be around like minded people is all) What state in Flyover country is mild in the summer and is Red? (Again, not gonna debate politics, just looking...
  20. What's with the white lit speedometers?

    One of my biggest pet peeves, and why I look at anything pre-00 for the most part, is that in most vehicles these days, Speedometers are white lit. (Case in point, was at a Red light as well when I took it) Off the top of my head, I know Nissan with the 350/370z, BMW until recently and older...